Lucky Block crypto review — 250% jump after LBLOCK V2 listing on LBank

Lucky Block crypto review — 250% jump after LBLOCK V2 listing on LBank

Since Wednesday, July 27, the Lucky Block V2 token has been traded on LBank. Following the announcement, the price jumped 250%. This version 2 of the token will be listed on many exchanges. Which makes it a token to follow closely.

The launch of Lucky Block’s V2 token on Ethereum was supported by LBank. After the completion of the contract transfer, the token began trading on the platform. The LBLOCK token exists in two versions, V1 and V2, in the Lucky Block ecosystem. V1 is a BEP-20 token backed by decentralized exchanges that operates on the BNB Chain like PancakeSwap.

The second and new version is an ERC-20 token, it is the one that will be traded in the centralized exchanges (CEX). The switch to V2 was necessary to be listed at the CEX level, because the latter do not allow the levy of tax on the sale of the LBLOCK token, as is done with V1.

This month, the V2 update came into effect with no tax levy and it will also not be eligible for Lucky Block’s prize pool rewards. On centralized exchanges like LBank, LBLOCK V2 is better suited for short-term trading.

V2 is essential, as it simplifies the listing of the token by centralized exchanges, increases its liquidity and makes it accessible to a wide audience. DEXs are sometimes misunderstood by novice investors.

A system of minting and of burning will ensure price parity between versions 1 and 2.

@chesto232 @luckyblockcoin Why go from v1 to v2? You will no longer be able to benefit from the advantages on the lucky block application, v2 is just for investment v1 is for investment but also to have the “delay” advantage both will have the same price

As the V1 token will be maintained, long-term investors of Lucky Block will be able to continue to participate in the rewards program through decentralized exchanges. After LBank and MEXC on August 1, further CEX listings are expected in the coming weeks.

Ethereum Liquidity Boosts LBLOCK Token

Token quotes on major CEXs often result in substantial upsides. After being listed on LBank and MEXC, the Lucky Block is expected to experience significant gains over the next few weeks.

Furthermore, Ethereum’s huge liquidity is expected to significantly increase its market capitalization.

What is the Lucky Block (LBLOCK)?

Launched initially on BNB Chain and available now on Ethereum, Lucky Block envisions a global lottery based on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The developers of Lucky Block maintain that they believe the lottery should not be geographically limited or tied to local institutions. All you have to do is buy NFTs issued by Lucky Block to participate in its competitions. His concept was first presented in 2015.

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