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Faced with inflation and purchasing power problems, a study carried out by Happydemics on the knowledge that the French have of their insurance contract reveals how much the French could recover more money from their insurers : the loot would amount to billions of euros.

Most French people have several insurance contracts whose clauses they have a poor understanding of, particularly with regard to the risks covered and compensation for claims.

The study shows that nearly 1 in 2 French people have never read the general conditions of their contracts, most often because they do not wish to devote time to them. Similarly, only 1 out of 5 French people say they are very familiar with the guarantees covered and exclusions from their insurance contracts. It is therefore not surprising to note that nearly 1 in 2 French people have already discovered that the claim they wanted to declare was not covered by their contract.

Summarized otherwise (at the highest peak in the state), the study shows that the French could recover “crazy dough” if they “fucked to the end” recalcitrant insurers.

The study shows that, in the event of a claim, the French expect more from their insurer speed, a simple process, clear explanations and transparency.

In the current inflationary environment, here are four practical recommendations from experts to help consumers recover (legally) money from their insurer, without necessarily having to change it.

1/ Track down duplicates

79% of French people say they are not very familiar with the guarantees covered and the exclusions of their insurance contracts.

52% of French people do not have the reflex to systematically check their existing cover before taking out additional insurance.

First item of economy: many French people pay double insurance.

2/ Detect “holes in the racket”

Some risks are poorly covered. The “holes in the racket” can be very expensive on arrival.

In car insurance, certain warranty conditions can be so rigid that in practice they are almost never applicable.

46% of French people who have already had a claim discovered too late that they were not covered by their insurance when they thought they were.

3/ By car, think “insurance” even for small hassles

Your car was correctly parked and you find it with slightly damaged bodywork? A few scratches or the back a bit dented? Apart from the accidents which oblige to make an amicable report immediately, these small degradations pass quickly to oblivion. However, they can cause a loss of value at the time of a possible resale of the vehicle. It is therefore money lost when it would have been necessary to have the “insurance reflex”.

56% of French people do not have the reflex to call their insurer for small everyday claims such as theft inside the vehicle.

4/ Do not give up to recover your compensation

Last jackpot that too often escapes the French: fair compensation. Confused by the complexity of contracts and procedures, many too often abandon their complaints.

36% of French people who had a claim initiated claims declarations without going through with the procedures.

45% of French people who have had a claim do not know the possible remedies in the event of a disagreement with their insurer.

In the case of auto insurance, be careful when reporting the claim. The slightest error in the questionnaire submitted by your car insurer can cost you dearly and lead to a refusal of compensation.

Source: study carried out around the knowledge that the French have of their insurance contract by Happydemics on behalf of the consulting firm in transformation and innovation Julhiet Sterwen and the site which accompanies the insured in their procedures after a disaster Lyanne.

Methodology: study carried out at the end of 2021 with a sample of 1142 respondents at the national level, representative in age and gender.

Image by F.Muhammad from Pixabay

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