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Insurance – The Purchasing Power Law, essential but not sufficient » PACA’s economic and political letter

At a time when France is going through a period of unprecedented inflation, purchasing power is at the heart of the debates and is the subject of an eponymous law.

This finance bill includes a new section dedicated to “termination in 3 clicks”. A new amendment has just been adopted allowing any French person who has taken out an insurance contract online to facilitate its termination by adding a button and thus guarantee easy, direct and permanent identification and access to this functionality ». Initially planned for contracts taken out online, the amendment was extended to all insurance contracts during a new deliberation session on the night of Tuesday 26 to Wednesday 27 July. This new measure should see the light of day from the beginning of 2023.

Christophe Dandois, co-founder and CEO of Leocare: From the start, we have been acting for fairer insurance, in favor of the purchasing power of the French. Since our creation in 2017, we have given our policyholders the possibility of canceling their old insurance in 1 minute on our application and we already have Leocare advisers available to take charge of the cancellation of their Leocare insurance.

But this bill is only a step. Termination in 3 clicks is just a smokescreen. We have to go to the end of the process to really respond to the issue of purchasing power, by digitizing all the insurance tools as quickly as possible to allow more flexibility and savings. This is particularly the case with the information statement, which, at present, enormously slows down the process of changing insurance as it takes so long to obtain. The same is true for the green card. Just by dematerializing the green card, insurance companies could save more than 60 million euros that they would have to pay back to their policyholders “.

With this simplification, policyholders will be able to more easily take advantage of the most attractive insurance offers on the market, and in particular those offered by neo-insurers, on average 30% less expensive than traditional insurers, with equivalent guarantees. For example, for car insurance, this would represent savings ranging from 22 to 37 euros per month on average, in other words from 264 to 444 euros each year.

About Leocare

Founded in 2017 by two specialists in digital transformation, Christophe Dandois and Noureddine Bekrar, Leocare is the first multi-service neo-insurance – home, car, motorcycle and smartphone – 100% mobile. Aware that the products offered by insurers no longer correspond to the way of life of the French, the Leocare mobile application offers them guarantees and innovative insurance services perfectly adapted to all the moments of their life, thanks in particular to time technology. real AND an ongoing dialogue. More information on the website of Leocar.

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