is the “young driver” contract more expensive?

is the “young driver” contract more expensive?

With their Holy Grail in their pocket, license holders are finally free to drive – in compliance with the Highway Code and speed limits – as they see fit. Last step before hitting the road: taking out car insurance. This is mandatory. Then comes the bad surprise for these young drivers… A price twice as high when subscribing! What is the reason ? And how to lower the price of your insurance when you are new to driving?

What surcharge applies to novice drivers?

It’s a fact, young drivers lack driving experience. And if this is acquired over time, insurance companies believe that the risk of accidents or clashes is, in the meantime, much greater. Consequence for holders of a license obtained less than 3 years ago: an additional premium that applies when taking out their car insurance. This price increase generally reaches 100%.

To easily consult the prices of different insurers, there are fortunately online comparators, like the site, which allow novice drivers to find the contract best suited to their situation and their needs. Indeed, some specialized insurers do not necessarily apply this “young driver” supplement. However, remember to check the guarantees of the contract and the initial price before committing!

A different premium depending on the profile of the young driver

For insurers, holders of a 6-point license therefore present a greater risk of being involved in a road accident, and of being totally or partially responsible for it. These companies nevertheless distinguish between policyholders who have benefited from early training and those who have followed a traditional course. These believe, rightly, that the accompanied driving carried out in the context of an apprenticeship has enabled the young driver to familiarize himself with the road and its dangers. The increase is therefore no longer the same.

For example, a novice will be applied an additional premium of 100% when taking out his insurance, then 50% on the 1st anniversary of the contract, 25% on the second, and finally 0 at the end of the 3rd anniversary. .

For those who have taken advanced driving training, the rate of increase is divided by 2:

  • Subscription of the contract: 50% additional premium (against 100%)
  • 1st anniversary of the contract: 25% additional premium (against 50%)
  • 2nd anniversary of the contract: 12.5% ​​(against 25%)
  • 3rd anniversary of the contract: 0%

Finally, novice drivers are not exempt from the bonus-malus system. Depending on the behavior of the insured at the wheel and his responsibility during claims, a coefficient – bonus or malus – will thus be added to the additional insurance premium.

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