France team: The Griezmann case, physical form, Deschamps defends his players before the match against Croatia

France team: The Griezmann case, physical form, Deschamps defends his players before the match against Croatia

The boss of the Blues is back and does not blame anyone. Absent for personal reasons during the defeat of the French team against Denmark (1-2) on Friday, Didier Deschamps resumed his post on Saturday to lead a short session. He was also present at a press conference this Sunday before the match against Croatia. He wanted to be understanding vis-à-vis his players, especially Antoine Griezmann.

“Antoine does not come in the best conditions and it is not by snapping his fingers that this can change, explained the coach. He is a little less well in recent months even if in the France team, he often remains decisive.

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Should we already consider an eleven without Griezmann?

The Atlético de Madrid player has in fact not scored for 20 club or selection matches and his influence on the attacking game of the Blues is at half mast but Didier Deschamps still trusts him. “There is no worry, it’s a situation at the end of the season which is complicated for a lot of players, underlines DD. There are wounds, less freshness. I’m not going to judge Antoine or any other player on a single game even if it’s not his best.”

Organisms to spare

The Griezmann case is far from isolated and Didier Deschamps must take into account everyone’s physical condition. Kylian Mbappé, injured at the break against the Danes, but also Karim Benzema, Kingsley Coman, Jules Koundé and N’Golo Kanté were thus exempted from training on Sunday. “The matches follow one another for us and for the opponents, commented the technician. The Nations League is a great competition that we had the pleasure of winning last year, it’s always better than friendly matches but it’s not the best time to play it”.

The physical, the system, Hernandez: who is the culprit of this defeat?

The coach of the Blues and his staff knew the problem of this sequence and had already planned to make the best use of the workforce available. “It’s the first time that we’ve arrived with a four-match rally, it’s not ideal, but it was difficult to make another calendar with the World Cup in November. You have to do with fatigue physical and psychological and a form of decompression”.

This forced turnover could also be positive because it will allow breeders to test new combinations. Some little-used players will thus have the opportunity to show up for the World Cup in Qatar in November, the preparation of which will be significantly reduced.

A defense to adjust

The Blues also displayed real defensive tactical shortcomings on the lawn of the Stade de France. Everyone or almost went there from their error at the technical level or in the placement and it obviously did not escape Didier Deschamps. “Obviously when there are goals conceded, we must do better in the alignment, the management of the depth and the framing of the carrier of the ball, admitted the coach who watched the match live before analyzing it in detail. I told them and they know it, but in action it’s more complicated”.

The brothers Lucas and Théo Hernandez thus seriously struggled to coordinate well to contain Andreas Cornelius and it cost the French rearguard two goals. What to call into question the defensive system? “The ideal is to leave nothing to the opponent but he has qualities too, tempered Deschamps. We can play three or four in defense, the problem is the same”.

“The Hernandez siblings weighed down the Blues”: the debriefed notes

The tricolor technician remains faithful to his organization in 3-4-1-2 which, according to him, allows a better offensive animation. “We have this ability to score goals, we can also sometimes have difficulty defending, he concedes while refuting the idea of ​​a more risky strategy. These are not the same situations with a low defense on the first goal and higher on the second.”

“We know it’s a setbackassured Didier Deschamps. The objective is to start off on the right foot, pressure or not. When we lost a game we want to reverse the trend.” Corrected at home by Austria in their first match (0-3), the Croats will be in the same state of mind and the France team will already play an important match on Monday in Split if they want to retain their title. last fall.

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