After complaints for stings during a TF1 concert, a man put examination

After complaints for stings during a TF1 concert, a man put examination

JUSTICE – A 20-year-old man was indicted in Toulon as part of an investigation into stings suffered by spectators who attended this Friday, June 3 on a beach in the Var at the recording of a program of TF1 “The song of the year”, indicated this Sunday the parquet floor of Toulon.

The suspect, residing in Toulon, was indicted on Sunday evening by an investigating judge as part of an open judicial investigation, in particular for “aggravated violence by weapon [la seringue] and by premeditation”. He was remanded in custody, said Toulon prosecutor Samuel Finielz.

A man hospitalized after a malaise

About twenty spectators who attended Friday evening the recording of the TF1 program “The song of the year” on the beaches of Mourillon in Toulon told the police that they had been victims of bites during the concert. “Several complaints have already been filed and others have not yet been formalized,” said the prosecutor.

One of the victims, a security officer who worked on the site, was hospitalized. “She suffered from discomfort but we have not yet been able to determine whether this discomfort was linked to a harmful substance introduced into the syringe or to the stressful situation she had just experienced”, specified the magistrate.

These events led to crowd movements on the beach and the intervention of the police. Police officers, in an observation position, located the main suspect and arrested him and placed him in police custody with a second individual who was subsequently released, no charge being brought against him. against him, said the representative of the prosecution.

The indicted was identified by two young women who explained to the investigators that they saw him with a syringe and managed to prevent him from stinging them. They also claimed to have been victims of violence on his part.

Several complaints for suspicious bites filed in France

“In the state of the proceedings, the man fully disputes the facts but, in view of the statements of the victims, the prosecution considered that there were sufficient charges to open a judicial investigation and present him to a judge”, a said the prosecutor.

Mysterious needle sticks have multiplied in France lately, mainly in nightclubs. In addition, six people have filed a complaint, claiming to have been stung on Saturday evening during a music festival in Belfort, and four others for the same causes in the Gers, AFP learned on Sunday from the Belfort and Auch.

Faced with this wave, the Toulon prosecution set up a protocol a month ago with the police and the gendarmerie for this type of attack. It provides for a forensic examination of the victims by a medical examiner, blood and urine samples as well as more precise capillary samples, within six weeks, to try to determine whether harmful products or substances have been inoculated into them.

On Sunday, seven medical examinations had already been carried out, the results of which should be known next week. The investigation was entrusted to the departmental security of the Toulon police station.

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