29 pawns in three quarters, the Chef cooked Boston

29 pawns in three quarters, the Chef cooked Boston

Author of a huge first quarter in Game 1 but then limited by the Boston defense, Stephen Curry was planning to get this bad taste out of his mouth this Sunday in the second inning. It’s done, and in addition the Chef only needed three quarters to cook the Celtics.

Like the entire Warriors fanbase, Steph had left Game 1 a bit shocked by the turn of events and that absolutely insane Celtics fourth quarter. But the Splash Bro has seen others during his career and when it comes to responding when his team is back to the wall, he is rather the type to assume. Defeat was forbidden for Golden State this Sunday and Steph did her part to make sure the series was 1-1 before heading to Boston: 29 points, 5 award-winning shots, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, all in just three quarters, that’s clean. However, tonight was a far cry from Steph’s titanic start to Game 1, where he planted 21 pawns and six banderillas in the first twelve minutes alone. Because this time, the Celtics defense did not have its head in the clouds when defending the opposing number 30, reputed to be a rather correct shooter. Boston was focused on limiting his output and it took until the final minutes of the first quarter to see Curry start to find his rhythm. On the free throw line first, then with a small winning shot, and finally taking advantage of his match-up against Payton Pritchard to give the Warriors a 31-30 advantage in the last second of the initial period. That’s it, the Chief has arrived.

Then, Steph was at the heart of all the big Warriors runs that characterized this Game 2. It was he who lit the fuse midway through the second quarter to launch a 10-0 allowing Golden State to take the head. But it is above all he who energized the very dirty third quarter of the Dubs, third quarter which once again made all the difference. The score in the twelve minutes after the break? Celtics 14, Stephen Curry 14. Yes you read that right, the Bay sniper scored as many points as the entire Boston team over the period, taking advantage in particular of a defense visibly unaware of the fact that leaving space for Steph out of the screen can be fatal. Curry feasted against the drop coverage of the Celtics and chained missiles to drive an overwhelmed Boston team into the third. On top of that, SC30 added a small dose of friendly playmaking and above all contributed to a clearly locked in Warriors defense in this match, especially in this third quarter won 35-14. In short, a very complete performance to help Golden State return to the series thanks to a 107-88 success, a performance that gives a little more weight to its candidacy for a potential MVP trophy in the event of Golden State’s final victory, only trophy missing from Curry’s list today. Of course, it’s still too early to project that far, but the Splash Brother is clearly on a mission to bring a fourth champion banner to its Warriors. The Boston public is warned.

“Steph was amazing in that third quarter. Not just through the shots he scored, but also through his defensive effort. We don’t give him enough credit for his physical condition, his defense, and the physical impact he can put on. »

– Steve Kerr at a press conference

Stephen Curry was equal to himself, and the Warriors secured the essentials by securing an authoritative victory before going to the TD Garden. A champion’s response, the Chef now continues in the hostile environment that awaits his Golden State team.

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