Fifth.  The Prix de Montretout at ParisLongchamp this Thursday, May 26, 2022 – Angers Info

Fifth. The Jean Victor Prize in Auteuil this Saturday, June 4, 2022. – Angers Info

The Jean Victor Prize in Auteuil this Saturday, June 4, 2022.

Direction Auteuil this Saturday June 4, 2022 for the Tiercé-Quarté-Quinté +. In this event, the Prix Jean Victor will have to compete against each other as runners. The race will be contested over 3700 meters, and endowed with 95,000€.

In this event, Quarter Guard (10) will make his comeback, since he has not been seen in competition since last December. He will have to prove his competitiveness in 56 of value, but he is not out of business for a place at the end of the combination in the event of failure of the favorites.

Geny’s secrets

Philippe Peltier (G): Echo de Champdoux (1) is beyond reproach. His three outings of the season are excellent. He always gives his best and I hope that this time he finds his way to success. Admittedly, he has to carry weight but he remains competitive at this value, his form is still good and the shortening of the distance will not be a problem for him. We leave logically confident.

Sylvain Dehez: Filup (2) has just seen his consistency rewarded with a recent success. That day the engagement was certainly favorable. But he did it well. Saturday the commitment is again in its strings in terms of course and terrain distance. Despite the penalty, I hope for confirmation from him, especially since he remained in very good condition in the morning.

Jerome Delaunay: Nabuco Has (3) is an old leather that has “good remains”. He always gives the best of himself. We’re going to ride it a little more patiently than usual. Because the race promises to be rhythmic. He will do the last 1000 meters. But know that I find it in good condition.

David Satalia: Apple’s fan (4) defended himself well recently in Milan. Indeed, he held his game well, while taking the advantage a little early in the final phase. He returns to Auteuil on Saturday. He has his place among the top 5 provided he jumps well from one end to the other. On this subject, moreover, I find it improving.

Jerome Delaunay: Monster Caroli (5) is in great shape as evidenced by his two recent successes. It will appreciate the course of the day. We take advantage of its good condition to align this swift competitor at the start of this fifth. He was not spared from leg troubles. But ages well.

Nicholas Devilder: Hurrick des Obeaux (6) is beyond reproach. Winner of a straight over hurdles, I hope he can win one over the steeplechase and why not on Saturday… Before the shot, all the lights are green!

Yannick Fouin: Crazy from Brazil (7) has not been able to shine lately. It was on the brooms. I have a lot of questions about him. I must admit. I’m redirecting him to a steeplechase here. He doesn’t have many draws over the big obstacles at Auteuil. In the morning he is fine. We will see…

Pierre-Jean Fertillet: Beryl Bay (8) is not a champion but he does all his shopping. It is true that he does not win often but his margin in weight remains reduced and as he is at the finish of all his races, he does not drop in weight. Nevertheless, he is competitive and this course will please him. For his return to Auteuil, I expect a good performance.

Miss Daniela Mele: Pragelor (9) is our stable mascot; our grandpa! He is making his comeback but is in good physical condition. We give it a try at Auteuil. It may not be easy, but he can surprise with his freshness, especially if the ground is not too soft.

Mikael Mescam: Blackfield (11) recently discovered Auteuil. She almost showed herself to be too applied on certain obstacles that she discovered. She remained in good shape. It returns to the same course and should be able to confirm its recent good attempt.

Ms Louisa Carberry: Kalinski (12) is 8 years old but he has run very little not having been spared by health problems. Currently, it is in great shape and its debut on the Auteuil steeplechase is good. Now he meets opponents experienced in this kind of exercise but with a smooth journey, I would not be surprised to see him participate actively at the finish because he has obvious resources.

David Windrif: Gino Dino (13) made a good comeback and progressed. Now he made his mark that day, but I think the horses having a first chance must not have made theirs. It is brand new, having not been used much. He is a little fragile, both physically and mentally. The distance is a bit short and the terrain shouldn’t get too soft, but he can get into position.

Miss Daniela Mele: Poulorius (14) is a nice horse, who is a good jumper, but it is difficult to manage him in a course. Everything will depend on how he behaves. It can be all or nothing with him. Unfortunately, Johnny Charron, who gets on well with him, is unavailable and I have to change jockeys. We’ll see how it goes.
Mathieu Pitard

Yannick Fouin: Pressagny (16) frankly made me happy lately. I have since waited for this race with him. Especially since he had spared no effort that day (race started then rerun). In the second test I would have seen him have a very good theoretical chance. There first I ask to see. Especially since he is not always very sure in his jumps.

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A summary: 11-1-8-2-3-6-12-5 The summary of the press: 11 – 1 – 2 – 8 – 3 – 6 – 10 – 12

Equidia: 1-6-2-11-12-8-5-3
Europe1: 8-11-1-5-2-3-6-12
The Parisian :
Alsace: 11-3-2-6-5-14-1-13
Paris Turf: 11-2-1-12-8-6-3-5


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