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Visual challenge: Can you find all 4 stars? It’s so HARD there’s no TIME limit

Many people use puzzle games and other similar games such as “visual challenge” to exercise their brains. But it’s still unclear if these types of activities actually help prevent cognitive decline. Or if it’s just a fun way to pass the time. Moreover, some studies indicate that these types of games could be one of several ways to reveal a person’s personality. Want to try this experience? We will see you in the following lines! To your readings!

Visual challenge: what is its objective?

First, the result of a study monitored the brain activity, cognitive skills and decision-making abilities of young people who played a visual challenge. This has also concluded that they do not actually enhance cognition! Also, some students have solved simple math problems and found that solving this equation gives theimpression of having received a reward.

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Which can help combat negative feelings. Thus, playing a thinking game can therefore reduce stress and anxiety. But also to stimulate the endorphins (hormones) of joy in general! Whether you’re a fan of Sudoku, a “visual challenge” like finding the four stars in the picture below. Or even video games or applications, play! Do you feel ready? Carefully fix the photo below and tell us if you have found these famous stars!

Can you solve this visual puzzle?

This visual challenge from @thedudolf will take you back to when you were in school. Or at least will remind you of the books you read when you were still in the nursery! At first sight, you will see 6 beautiful penguins surrounded by several crystal balls. If at the time we spent our days coloring them, now we will have to solve a riddle. And once you figure out the solution, you’ll feel like you’ve achieved a great feat!

© IG @thedudolf

Artist @thedudolf creates beautiful puzzles like this visually stimulating challenge that trick your mind into concealing patterns. In this whimsical image, 4 stars are scattered! Others are colored, while some are not. So can you find her? There is nothing easier to pass this test. All you need to do is stare at the photo carefully. If you found them, you have thehawk’s eye !

Visual Challenge: Solution

So, did you finally find those four stars hidden in this picture? If not yet, well, take your time. Know that only “10%” of Internet users have passed this test in less than 20 seconds. However, it is preferable that you have maximum concentration in order to avoid all forms of distraction! In addition, it will still be necessary to admit that this visual challenge is quite difficult. So the time it takes you to analyze it will not be limited!

If you have found the solution in less than 1 minute, know that you are one of the few people who have reached the goal. However, here clues which will identify the four stars! If you’ve come this far, you’ve encountered a problem. Which is completely normal!

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