The Grand Contest of animators

The Grand Contest of animators

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At the head of the Grand Concours des animators on TF1, Alessandra Sublet did not convince Internet users this Friday, June 3, 2022. The latter criticized her in particular for her nonchalant way of presenting the game, as well as the new rule she believed good to establish in the face of candidates who are dissipated to say the least.

This Friday, June 3, 2022, TF1 broadcast the Grand Concours des animators, a program in which television personalities compete on questions of general knowledge. The show, which has existed since 2003, has undergone a few minor changes since its debut. Starting with the identity of its presenter: after Carole Rousseau and Laurence Boccolini, it is Alessandra Sublet who has been in charge of the game since 2021. A choice that Internet users do not particularly validate. Indeed, many seem to be of the opinion that this program does not suit the host: this Friday, they notably regretted her garish tone, and her general lack of involvement.

Some have indeed thought to perceive that Alessandra Sublet, who is also preparing to devote herself entirely to her career as an actress, did not really take her role as presenter seriously. Questions read casually, lack of authority with the candidates, etc. The atmosphere was indeed very (too?) relaxed, very far from the more solemn ones established by the former facilitators. Result: a beautiful cacophony that seemed to hit the system of many viewers. The adjective “Unbearable” was thus shared a lot on the social network at the blue bird from the first part of the show.

And during the second round disputed among others by Philippe Candeloro, Nelson Monfort and Laurent Maistret, a sentence pronounced by the host even more made the dissatisfied want to win: “You have the right to cheat […] Normally not, but everyone does it”, thus announced Alessandra Sublet to the candidates. An improvised instruction which amused the latter but which exceeded the twittos, for whom the program therefore lost all its stake.

“I’m coming to saturation”

Among other sources of discontent this evening on twitter: the casting of the guests. Contrary to the basic principle, the personalities who clashed on questions of general knowledge were not all TV presenters this Friday evening. Among them were also former athletes like Alain Bernard, Camille Lacourt, Djibril Cissé, or actors like Virginie Hocq, Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruti or Philippe Lacheau. And the behavior of the last three, all members of the “Fifi Band”, annoyed many Internet users. During the first round, Tarek Boudali took pleasure in sabotaging Julien Arruti’s game by pressing his desk in his place. A gesture that he repeated throughout the round, ending up causing the exasperation of Internet users. The comedian Virginie Hocq also showed herself to be overexcited by dancing, singing and speaking loudly… This Friday evening, many said they had chosen to zap to try to find a little calm elsewhere.

Video. Discover the portrait of Alessandra Sublet

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