RTX 3080 à un prix normal ? Possible, mais il faut s'y prendre maintenant !

RTX 3080 at a normal price? Possible, but you have to do it now!

News good deal RTX 3080 at a normal price? Possible, but you have to do it now!

COVID-19 has had the effect of a bombshell on the price of computer components. Finding a high-end graphics card at a fair price is still unicorn research! However, the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Phoenix is ​​available for pre-order at its base price. But beware, there won’t be something for everyone at only €879!

The NVIDIA Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phoenix is ​​exceptionally in pre-order on Top Buy

The pandemic has caused a lot of mess in the PC component supply chain. Fortunately for the past few weeks it seems that a return to normal is in the news. We must still remain cautious, because the current thinning could quickly disappear and all opportunities are good to seize.

Pre-order the RTX 3080 Phoenix at €879 at Top Achat

So finding an RTX 3080 at a price lower than the price recommendations of the NVIDIA site is a bargain! Especially since pre-orders should be delivered from June 6 only.

The Gainward GeForce RTX 3080 Phoenix is ​​the best graphics card to play in 4K 60 fps without breaking the bank!

The graphics card represents the largest part of the budget when building a gaming PC. It is therefore essential to choose the right GPU for your needs.

The RTX 3080 is one of the best graphics cards on the market right now. It is capable of running all the latest AAA games, ultra resource-intensive, in 4K and at 60 fps!

The DLSS to add fps:

Thanks to DLSS technology, present in the RTX 3080, it is possible to play in 4K or even 8K with a higher refresh rate. That is to say the number of images each second that is displayed on the screen.

To simplify, the DLSS uses an artificial intelligence to calculate the images in a lower resolution and fill in the missing pixels to give a higher resolution.

For example, DLSS can run a game in 1080p and fill in the 3 missing pixels to display 4K (1080p being four times less pixel dense than 4K)

Raytracing for ever more realistic games:

What everyone expects these days on the latest graphics cards is Raytracing. This is a technology that greatly improves light management. This gives ultra realistic reflections in water for example or very dark shadows, as a human eye can do. To take full advantage of it, it is necessary to have a good GPU, powerful enough. This is precisely the case of the NVIDIA RTX 3080 Phoenix.

Pre-orders are open for the NVIDIA graphics card, on the Top Achat site, with delivery starting June 6. On the other hand, stockouts are likely to happen quickly, especially at the price of 879€!

Pre-order the RTX 3080 Phoenix at €879 at Top Achat

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