everything that changes this June 1st

everything that changes this June 1st

Rest assured: there will be no gas price increase this month, since the government has extended its price shield for gas until the end of 2022. Regulated prices are therefore the same as those of 1er October 2021. On the electricity side, nothing new either: the State capped the increase at 4% in February 2022. To find changes this 1er June, it is rather on the side of the banking sector that it is necessary to dig, with measures concerning real estate loans and their insurance, but also life insurance contracts and Retirement Savings Plans. Also note: the appearance of a new family booklet, symbolically more inclusive!

Access to a simplified home loan for former cancer patients

It is a measure of justice: from this 1er June, former cancer and hepatitis C patients will be able, five years after their recovery and in the absence of a relapse (all the same…), to obtain a mortgage under the same conditions as all borrowers. Previously, this right to be forgotten was ten years, except for cancers discovered before the age of 21, for which it was already five years, recalls the services of the State, on the Service-public.fr site.

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This provision will, in a second step, be extended to other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, after negotiation between the State, the professional federations of insurance and banks, patient associations and consumers. Failing agreement, this extension will be fixed by decree in Council of State no later than July 31, 2022, specifies the site.

Termination, medical questionnaire, right to be forgotten… Parliament adopts the reform of borrower insurance

Published in the Official Journal of 1er March 2022, the law for fairer, simpler and more transparent access to the borrower insurance market, also abolishes the medical questionnaire for loans of less than 200,000 euros, provided that the repayment deadline occurs before the 60 years of the borrower. No medical examination of the insured may be requested by the insurer.

Terminate your borrower insurance

The same law, known as the Lemoine law, also opens up the possibility of terminating and changing borrower insurance at any time, free of charge. This measure will apply as of this 1er June 2022 for new loans, and from 1er September 2022 for contracts in progress on this date. It further facilitates, after several texts on the same subject, the renegotiation of insurance conditions, in order to benefit from a better rate or better conditions.

As such, insurers must inform their policyholders of this right of termination each year.

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Life insurance and PER: more transparency for costs

Another novelty, still in the banking sector: from this 1er June, the producers and distributors of life insurance and retirement savings plan (PER) contracts will have to display the costs on their website, respecting a standard table established within the framework of a common agreement, under the aegis of the Ministry of the Economy.

Life insurance, SCPI, PER…: at each age, its retirement investment

This table, which must be posted on the website of each producer, will present information by identical categories, so that subscribers can know and compare entry fees, annual fees (depending on the type of fund and management …), and punctual (arbitration, exit, transfer to another contract …), details Service-public.fr.

Right to a simplified bank account

We will not leave the bank with the latest news for this month of June, which will come into effect from June 13. This is a simplification of the right to a bank account. This system, set up in 1984, allows customers “failed” by a bank to still open a bank account. A decree of March 13 therefore simplifies its operation.

Flagship measure of the reform: the possibility, open to anyone who asks to open a bank account and who does not receive a response within fifteen days of his request, to turn to the Banque de France. The latter will automatically designate an establishment close to the applicant’s home or the place of his choice, indicates the government website. Within three days of its designation, this establishment must provide the client with the documents required to open the account. If it is not obliged to open an account for the client, the designated banking institution will have the obligation, in the event of refusal, to inform the Banque de France of the reasons therefor.

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Still for the sake of “simplification”, a customer whose bank closes the account can activate the right to the account, even before the expiration of the closing notice, which will guarantee the banking continuity of the person concerned.

A more inclusive family booklet

A new model of family record book comes into circulation from this 1er June 2022. It makes it possible to take into account the recent reforms of family law, indicates the site Service-public.fr: medically assisted procreation, the new rule of the choice of the name, the reform of adoption…

With regard to female couples who use PMA, according to the decree of May 3, 2022, “ filiation is established, with regard to the woman who gives birth, by her sole designation in the child’s birth certificate. With regard to the other woman, the filiation is established by the anticipated joint acknowledgment made before the notary concomitantly with the consent given to medically assisted procreation. “. Advance joint recognition is given by one of the two women or, where applicable, by the person responsible for declaring the birth to the civil registrar, who indicates this in the birth certificate. The identity of the woman who gave birth to the child is entered in the first section.

This new booklet also adapts to the recent regulations relating to the change of name, simplified when the choice relates to a name resulting from the filiation. From 1er July 2022, it will indeed be possible to change your surname by simple declaration to the civil registry. An adult may choose to change his name to take that of his mother, his father or both. This procedure will be possible only once in a lifetime. A parent can also add his name to that of his child, by informing the other parent. If the child is over 13, their consent will be required.

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What does the text of the law on the change of name considered in the National Assembly provide?

It will also adapt to the new adoption provisions, made possible for PACS couples or cohabitants, living together for more than a year, and over 26 years of age. For couples, it was previously only possible for couples married for more than two years, and over 28, recalls the Service-public.fr site. Unmarried couples had to resort to the procedure of adoption by one parent.

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Finally, this new booklet introduces the possibility, if the parents so wish, of declaring the first and last names of a child born dead, who could previously be declared, but without a name, but also of registering the death certificate of an adult child.

These new family booklets will not be available everywhere in France from 1er June, because the town halls are authorized to sell the stock of their old models, specifies the site.

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