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Delphine Wespiser: the ex-miss France in a relationship with Cyril Hanouna? He finally answers

Every day, loyal C8 fans gather in front of their screens to follow a new issue of “Touche Pas À Mon Poste”. At the beginning of June, Cyril Hanouna gave details of his relationship with Delphine Wespiser. You are given more information about what he said.

The reason for his absence from the show

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, a new sequence of “TPMP” took place. During this, we were able to witness the return of the beautiful Delphine Wespiser in the program.

The ex-Miss France didn’t appear on set until sometime after the show started, as she was still filming for a new wedding program that you’ll soon see on TV. It will be broadcast on C8 from June 30, 2022.

Delphine Wespiser has also explained the reasons for her absence on “Touche Pas À Mon Poste”. She was not seen on Cyril Hanouna’s program, not because of her remarks on the presidential election, which caused controversy, but because she was also working on another shoot.

Indeed, the beautiful blonde will participate in the new edition of Fort Boyard. So mark your calendars, because this summer, we will see how brave the young woman is!

Is she in a relationship with Cyril Hanouna?

During this return of Delphine Wespiser, Cyril Hanouna notably wanted to clarify a few points about his relationship with her. Recall that some time ago, rumors insinuated that the host would be in a relationship with the ex-beauty queen. The news had spread in the media following the discovery of a snapshot of the two on the front page of a people magazine.

Thus, Cyril clarified that there was nothing between him and Delphine. According to him, this photo was a montage and it was posted by Roger, Delphine’s companion, on social networks. And as the beautiful blonde was also affected by a rumor about a so-called romance with Matt Pokora, Cyril Hanouna said:

“You were with everyone except the good one!” He is still alive, respect Roger, ”says the host with his usual humor.

Words that made the former Miss France smile. Obviously, she prefers to laugh about it than to comment on the gossip about her.

The return of Matthieu Delormeau

Delphine Wespiser is not the only one to have made a significant return to “Touche Pas À Mon Poste” since Matthieu Delormeau also returned to the set of the show on June 1, 2022, after several days of absence.

Remember that the columnist has not been seen in the C8 program since his disagreement with Gilles Verdez. The opinion of the latter concerning the choice of the footballer, Idrissa Gueye not to wear a jersey in LGBT colors has, in fact, angered Matthieu Delormeau. Thus, after calling his colleague “homophobic”, the columnist left the set and did not return for a few days.

He had even been absent from his show, “TPMP People” and suddenly, it was Benjamin Castaldi who had taken over But after several days without appearing on television, Matthieu Delormeau was finally back in “Touche Pas À Mon Poste” on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, which made fans of the program very happy.

However, if the columnist seems happier than he was last time, this one appeared with a half-closed and swollen eye. He then explains that it is a “small conjunctiva”.

“I was in the sea in Cannes and the sea can be dirtier than an ass, I can tell you that,” he added.

Matthieu Delormeau also took the opportunity to share his experience at the Cannes Film Festival. There, he says, he wanted to know if cinema was his path. He therefore met several American stars and producers. And the columnist added that if he took film lessons, learned English and went to America, he could, according to him, break into the world of the seventh American art.

Confidences that made Cyril Hanouna react. The latter asked Matthieu Delormeau to stay on his show before imagining a career in Hollywood.

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