Après Final Fantasy, Square Enix se lance dans… Le métaverse

After Final Fantasy, Square Enix is ​​embarking on… The metaverse

News hardware After Final Fantasy, Square Enix is ​​embarking on… The metaverse

Even though NFTs didn’t exist in the old Final Fantasy era, these online open worlds already ticked a lot of the boxes to be defined as a metaverse. Indeed, beyond Square Enix games, the most famous MMO RPGs in video games have built their strength by building virtual communities, connecting millions of people from all over the world in the same digital world so that they can talk there. , play or haggle. So who better to build this digital world of the future than development studios that built the “ancestors of the metaverse”?

For several years, the integration of blockchain technology at the heart of video games has been at the center of debates with the intention of building the video game of the future. The ultimate goal is to release a game combining play-to-earn and NFT in an ultra-realistic universe.

Recently, we noticed that big names like Epic Games, Ubisoft or even Electronic Arts were interested in the subject from near or far.

The appearance of new web3 friendly concepts such as the metaverse or play-to-earn, embellished with a virtual reality sauce, invites us to rethink the way of playing video games in the future. The games of the next decades could improve and further develop the social experience in games as well as the gameplay. Sources of inspiration already exist for video game developers and publishers, such as Fortnite and its virtual concerts.

An alliance between two Japanese video game giants

The creator of Marvel and Final Fantasy games was excited about his new perspectives for the video game of the future. Indeed in its quarterly report Square Enix communicated on its balance sheet, but also on its intentions to invest sustainably in NFT technology for its games.

The Japanese video game development and publishing company has looked into the subject and decided to join forces with the Animoca Brands studio to build the metaverse in their image. A partner of choice since it is at the origin of the second largest metaverse in terms of capitalization, The sandbox, but not only…

With dozens of games and licenses like Axie Infinity, Moto GP, The walking Dead, Animoca is a giant of NFTs and play-to-earn oriented mobile games. His expertise, but above all his experience in the field, will allow Amonica Brands to guide Square Enix, in particular on the strategy to adopt to expand its catalog of web3 games.

Yat Siu, President of Animoca Brands announced on Twitter: “Very honored to be highlighted in key investment areas for Square Enix. I spent countless hours playing Final Fantasy in the 80s which continues to be one of the most influential RPG games in #NFT gaming history”

In any case, the fight between the big gaming companies to create the ultimate metaverse is likely to be turbulent given the number of candidates… Square Enix and Amonica Brands, will they be up to the task of competing with the big names in gaming? who also intend to join the game with millions…

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