arrêt plus belle la vie

the mythical series of France 3 stops definitively, you can say your goodbyes to him!

That’s it, here we are! After eighteen years of broadcasting, the series “Plus belle la vie” which counts more than 4500 episodes will stop. This news had the effect of a bomb for all the fans of the series, faithful each evening in front of their small screen to watch the Marseille series.

Sad news for day one fans and Marseillais

After 18 years on the air, this cult series for a good number of French people will bow out. This is sad news for fans of the daily soap opera of France 3 but also for the inhabitants of the Marseille city. France Télévisions has indeed decided to stop the broadcast of the series as well as the various filmings, as we have been able to announce to many media such as RTL for example.

During these 18 years, the series has created many jobs in the Marseille region, both for the actors and for all the technical teams. There is no doubt that the end of the series therefore implies the loss of jobs for many people. Indeed, we must not neglect the economic impact of this kind of filming in a city like Marseille.

The longest French series of all

“This pioneering and emblematic soap opera has become the longest daily French series in history and a strong brand of France 3”, this is what the France Télévisions group told AFP. Indeed, the youngest among you may have the impression of having always known this program on television! But there was a time when this series did not exist!

Despite a good average of 2.7 million viewers, the group also believes that “a renewal of the creative offer is necessary”, in particular due to the evolution of the impact of streaming platforms in the sector. audiovisual. Indeed, the average age of viewers was perhaps getting older and it is important to know how to renew yourself, in a world where everything is going very fast.

However, it seems that the group plans to continue creating new original series in the Marseille region, in particular because of the many jobs that the series has created over the years. Economically, the impact could therefore be less than we thought, which is very good news!

“Reunion” planned by July

Before bidding farewell to all the characters that made the show what it has become, fans will be able to catch a special episode. As was the case recently for other series like Friends or Harry Potter, the key players will meet for their farewell tour.

Broadcast in Prime Time on France 3, this episode entitled “Reunion” will be much longer than usual, 90 minutes, to allow former emblematic characters to make their return.

A prom for the alumni is the theme chosen by the production according to the Huff Post. We hope that this theme will be good because it promises a most enjoyable episode!

Some characters will be missing

With so many years on the clock, many actors have played in the soap opera, so it will be impossible to be able to see all the characters again.

Indeed, “Plus belle la vie” is more than 150 dead characters in the space of 18 years, we remember in particular the case of Astrid Frémont or Larqué. Logically, it will therefore not be possible to invite them for these farewells. Don’t worry though, you’ll find most of the series’ key faces.

An expected end in November

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end! This shutdown of the series, scheduled for November, therefore leaves viewers little time to say goodbye to the characters who have animated their early evenings for many years.

According to France Télévisions, the broadcast of the last episode of Plus belle la vie is scheduled for this end of the year: “This Thursday, May 5, 2022, the management of France Télévisions announced to the teams of Plus belle la vie, in Marseille, that this season would be the last.

A news confirmed by Thierry Lavaille, Force Ouvrière union representative, who was present on the set in Marseille: “That’s it, it’s the end clap. We were told the end of filming at the end of September.

Farewell to the height for viewers

With the importance that the series has taken on for many French people, the production indicated in a press release that “The end of the soap opera will live up to what it has brought to the French people for many years”. We therefore have an appointment in November to see the last episode of the series and we hope that the result will live up to what the France Télévisions group expects.

This is very sad news for day one fans, but if everything is confirmed, you can be sure you’ll hear about it on social media. There is no doubt that the France Televisions group will be able to find another series to renew itself and face the competition, such as “Tomorrow belongs to us” on TF1, which is currently enjoying great success.

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