Quinté+: Fée de Ranchval can enchant Quinté+ of Friday June 3 at Vincennes

The starters of Quinté+ this Friday June 3


The forces present

After three wins in a row, Fée de Ranchval (15) finished third at the same distance in the Quinté+ of May 27. Once again associated with Éric Raffin and ideally entered, this daughter of Opium promises to be formidable. Respectively first and second in the Prix Eukrate, April 15 on this same course, FABULOUS DREAM (4) and FLASH GORDON (2) also hold good theoretical chances in this lot with DOUGLAS DU PONT (13), at best as indicated by his last success on the 2,850 meters of the big track. Contrary to his last attempt at Mauquenchy, EOLIEN DE CHENU (5) will be barefooted from four feet this time. We will then retain him in front of FREGATE MESLOISE (11), very regular overall and FOXTROT NOBLESS (8), in good condition. Wise, ERASME WILLIAMS (12) would also have the means to aim for a place.

Olivier Pivain’s prediction

15 4 2 13 5 11 8 12









The starters in detail and the opinion of the pros


While he was shod and returned 25 meters, this resident of Franck Ouvrie has not been unworthy recently by ranking second in Laon. Tackled from four feet this time, he will tempt outsiders.

Franck Ouvrie, coach/driver:

“El Matador (1) reassured me during his last outing. He needs to have a good run to be competitive. Friday’s batch is well composed. I have no other commitments so this race will allow me to be able to keep him in shape for the future. A fourth or fifth place would satisfy me. »


After having chained good performances, this son of Otello Pierji did not benefit from the best of the courses in the Quinté+ of May 6th over 2,100 meters of the long track. If things go better this time, he can set the record straight.

Reporter’s note:

“Flash Gordon (2) was not the happiest last time out. He must run hidden, which carries risks. Everything will still be a question of the course, but he keeps his say after a good race. »


Forced to start in the second row, this resident of Romain Derieux could not be dangerous in the Quinté+ of May 6th. Judged on his previous good performances, a surprise on his part cannot be completely ruled out.

Romain Derieux, coach/driver:

“The other day, Easy Maza (3) found itself too far away to be able to make the finish. It absolutely needs a good run to be competitive because it has no margin. At the end of a favorable course, it can finish in Quinté+. »


Winner at the expense of Flash Gordon (2) in mid-April on the same course, this resident of Matthieu Abrivard has since chained two consecutive disqualifications in the provinces. Once again, with him, everything will be a question of wisdom.

Matthieu Abrivard, coach/driver:

“Fabulous Dream (4) just had bad luck twice. After his race in Bordeaux, he returned with a few small wounds, but everything is back to normal. This quinté+ is a targeted race. If all goes well, he should play a very good role. »


While he remained on two successes in a row, this son of Korean could not play the slightest role in the Quinté+ of 29 April at Mauquenchy. In his defense, it must be said that he was shod that day. Barefoot this time, he can resume the course of his good performances.

Christophe Mallet, trainer:

“The last outing of Eolien de Chenu (5) was a preparation race, being shod. After the race, the horse had myositis. Since then everything has been back to normal. He runs very cool and will be barefoot. Despite some doubts, I believe in it. »


After a series of failures, this son of Olimède finished fourth in a claiming race at this course on 3 May. Acquired by Christophe de Groote at the end of this outing, he tackles the strongest part here. Without us.

Reporter’s note:

“Ekiango de Nile (6) has just changed teams after his last claiming race. Tackled by the previous ones this time, his performance will allow his new entourage to judge him in competition. Against such rivals, it is better to watch him run. »


Not ridiculous on April 17 at La Capelle against several rivals that he finds here, this son of Ganymede has not confirmed during his last two outings. Difficult under these conditions to give him a lot of credit in this field.

Gilles Delacour, coach:

“Fleuron d’Acadie (7) did not have a good run last time out. This winter, it showed that it could excel at this course, in well-composed fields. Everything will be a question of race progress, but it can be considered at the end of the combination. »


Third in the Quinté+ of May 6 over 2,100 meters of the main track, this representative of André Le Courtois did not benefit from the best of the courses during his last attempt, however finishing fifth behind Douglas du Pont (13). For a place.

André Le Courtois, coach:

“Foxtrot Nobless (8) has just run very well on several occasions. He had to make the effort a little early the last time, but he was not unworthy. He shows no signs of fatigue in the morning. The engagement is favorable and its driver gets on well with it. He will still do his best. »


Consistency has never been the strong point of this son of Jag de Bellouet. Presented with shod at the start of this Quinté+, its chances are not obvious. For our part, we will content ourselves with watching him run.

Reporter’s Opinion:

“Eberton (9) could not shine the last time at Marseille-Borély. It will evolve on rail this Friday and has not made the arrival on the big track of Vincennes for a little while. In this batch, his task seems complicated. »


Third at La Capelle on 17 April, this son of Timoko confirmed his form, a month later, by winning fifth place in Quinté+ on 13 May when he had to return 25 meters. Not to neglect.

Reynald Coppens, coach:

“Di Maggio (10) has just run first over the 2,850 meters of the big track. It is cold on a course but hard on the effort. It has freshness and is very supple in the morning. Practical and brave at a distance, I see it finishing in Quinté+. »


With the exception of her failure on 13 May at Vincennes, this daughter of Roc Meslois has shown herself to be very consistent over the past few months. Recent second in Strasbourg, it still seems able to aim for a place in this lot.

Pierre Belloche, trainer:

“Frégate Mesloise (11) has just provided a good end to the race in Strasbourg. She discovers an interesting commitment, without foreigners or 6-year-olds. It now seems to be better while waiting in a course. A rhythmic race would serve his interests. She has her place in the top five. »


While he was fighting for third place, this resident of Philippe Daugeard proved to be at fault mid-straight in the Quinté+ of May 13 over 2,850 meters of the big track. If he doesn’t prank this time, he can intrude on the right combination.

Philippe Daugeard, coach/driver:

“Too bad that Erasmus Williams (12) was at fault to finish the last time because he was fighting for a place. He discovers interesting race conditions. He is expected to recover on Friday. »


After two consecutive disqualifications, this 9-year-old gelding recovered on May 20 by winning the 2,850 meters of the long track. Well under way, it can still shine here, after a faultless run.

Reporter’s note:

“Since his arrival in the boxes of Benjamin Goetz, Douglas du Pont (13) has taken a step forward. Recent winner on the big track, it has certainly been carefully prepared for this race. Sometimes faulty, it can slip at the finish of this Quinté+ if it stays at the trot from one end to the other. »


Since her two podiums in January here, this resident of Luc Gaborit has been more discreet. Absent between March 9 and May 13, it remains on two consecutive failures but this time will be lightened in its shoeing. Attention !

Luc Gaborit, coach:

“Without a fault lately, De La Chenevière (14) would have taken a check. She discovers an ideal commitment and will be tackled by the forelegs this time. She is up against a well-composed lot, including 7-year-olds, but has worked well for this race. All lights are green. »


After three successes in a row, this daughter of Opium finished third at this same distance in Quinté+ of 27 May. Once again a partner and Éric Raffin and ideally located at the earnings ceiling, she promises to be formidable.

Emmanuel Varin, coach:

“Fée de Ranchval (15) is in full swing right now. She runs close but the entry is so favorable that we give it a try. She seems to have recovered well. If all goes well, it’s a very good chance. »

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