Press release: CSS and ÖKK gained the most memberships

Press release: CSS and ÖKK gained the most memberships AG

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Comparis analysis on basic insurance 2022

CSS and ÖKK gained the most memberships

The CSS Group and ÖKK are the funds which, after a general fall in premiums, have swollen the ranks of their basic insurance customers the most at the start of 2022. After having suffered heavy losses in recent years, Groupe Mutuel has succeeded to stabilize its client portfolio. These are the results of the Comparis analysis on basic insurance in 2022. “The strong growth of ÖKK is surprising. The sharp increase in premiums this fall will intensify the fight between health insurers to win new customers and prevent defections”, announces Felix Schneuwly, health insurance expert at Comparis.

Zurich, June 2, 2022 – According to the Federal Office of Public Health, the sharp reduction in health insurance reserves has led to an average reduction in basic insurance premiums of 1.4% in 2022. Many insured persons have thus been able to benefit from a reduction without changing fund, model or deductible.

In this context, several insurers have nevertheless succeeded in gaining new market shares. These are the results of the new Comparis analysis of the customers of the major Swiss health insurers in basic insurance.

CSS is still in a dynamic of strong growth

At the head of the race, the CSS group has expanded its base by 4.5%, which represents 64,900 new contracts. As of January 1, 2022, it had 1,513,200 customers. The Group thus regains its position as market leader in the area of ​​basic insurance, ahead of Helsana. Recording growth of 4.3%, or 7,000 new subscriptions, ÖKK also made strong progress, and at the beginning of the year had 169,500 customers in basic insurance.

With an increase of 3.7%, or 54,000 new subscriptions and a total of 1,504,000 contracts in basic insurance, the Helsana fund has risen to second place behind CSS. Groupe Mutuel comes in third place on the podium according to provisional figures (not yet published in the annual report). After the haemorrhage of recent years, its clientele has stabilized at 950,000 people.

“The strong growth of ÖKK is surprising. The sharp rise in premiums this fall will intensify the fight between health insurers to win new customers and prevent defections,” comments Felix Schneuwly, health insurance expert at Comparis to anticipate market developments.

Assura, Atupri and Concordia record losses

Among the large and medium boxes, it is Assura that leaves the most feathers. It lost 42,000 insured people (which numbered 901,000 on January 1, 2022), or 4.5% of its clientele. Atupri recorded a loss of 1% of its clientele (193,000 on January 1, 2022), and Concordia, 0.9% (625,900 on the same date).

“This loss of customers can be explained by several reasons. For many insured persons, the amount of the premiums has been and remains more important than the quality of service of the insurers or than the medical coverage in alternative insurance models”, explains F. Schneuwly.

Significant increase in new alternative insurance models

Comparis’ additional representative survey of 1,038 people reflects a certain stability in the choice of insurance models. Less than 30% of adults in Switzerland are covered by the standard model. Slightly more than half choose the family doctor model. Alongside traditional products (family doctor, HMO and Telmed), “other” insurance models, often new, are clearly on the rise. Their share has increased from 1.6% to 3.5% this year.

“If the new alternative insurance models are often attractive, it is because insurers are not required, during the first four years, to prove to the Federal Office of Public Health that the discounts they apply on the bonuses correspond to savings of the same level. This advantage encourages insurers to constantly launch new MAAs, but they are rarely truly innovative,” observes F. Schneuwly.

Direct access to the family doctor and quick appointment: criteria that are gaining in importance

In addition to low health insurance premiums, the ability to see one’s family doctor directly and quickly get appointments with other medical providers are both cited as key criteria in choosing the model of health insurance. ‘insurance.

In 2021, the ability to consult your family doctor directly was a fairly or even very important criterion for 79.3% of respondents. This year, this proportion is already 85.7%. Last year, 81.4% of respondents considered getting a doctor’s appointment quickly rather or very important. In April 2022, they were 84%. Above all, people aged 56 and over (88.3%) want to have a direct link with the family doctor. The desire for quick access to medical providers is more pronounced among women than among men (87.6% versus 80.4%).

The report is available for download on the Comparis website.


Comparis asked the 13 largest health insurers about the development of their customers in basic insurance from 2017 to 2022. A representative survey was carried out by the market research institute innofact on behalf of from a sample of 1038 people from all regions of Switzerland. This survey took place in April 2022.

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