L’Amour est dans le pré

Love is in the meadow: a death after a road drama, rest in peace

Broadcast on M6 since 2005, the program “L’amour est dans le pré” is in its 17th season. Presented by Karine Le Marchand, the ADP program consists of allowing single French farmers to meet viewers who would be interested in their profile.

New in the 17th edition

While season 16 ended with six new couples, where we can mention Sébastien and Karine, Stéphanie and Hervé and also Vincent the winemaker and Marie-Jeanne. For this year’s season 2022, nine men and four women from all over France will try to find love in “ADP”.

For the very first time, the program “Love is in the meadow” will receive related candidates. A 70-year-old father and a 42-year-old daughter who work together, but each have their own private lives. Jean-Paul and his daughter Emmanuelle are two associated winegrowers from the Grand Est who will join the show to look for their soul mate. A new adventure to follow for fans of the show who, until today, have more than 3 million viewers for the M6.

On the set of “Touche pas à mon poste people”, Matthieu Delormeau received some key candidates from the old seasons of the show. Among them, a participant very appreciated by the public of season 6 broadcast in 2011, Jean-Michel Claveau.

Jean-Michel, a painful journey

As a reminder, the farmer ended the show still single. The candidate had a crush on a woman and took her to the farm, but it didn’t work. His crush, Nathalie, preferred to keep a friendly relationship. For her, “he was too present”. Even if things did not go as Jean-Michel wanted, Nathalie still admitted that she was not ready to forget their story. However, the show still gave him friends who will be there during the hard times.

After his passage in “Love is in the meadow”, Jean-Michel had to face some difficulties. His farm went bankrupt, he had to sell and part with his cows that he loved so much to take care of them. He even had a serious car accident which almost cost him his leg. Without forgetting to mention the depressive periods when the latter had even thought of taking his own life.

Source: Facebook screenshot

During these periods which were not easy to go through, Jean-Michel had the support of Didier. He was another former participant of “Love is in the meadow”, with whom he forged bonds of friendship equivalent to a brotherly relationship. Jean-Michel admitted at the time that his friend, Didier, offered to help him out for four months pruning the vines, and then selling his melons.

He knew a girl who lost her life in a car…

In a 2012 interview, the former farmer, 40 at the time, said he had dated women between the ages of 24 and 26. According to him, “when you love each other, age doesn’t matter”. However, these adventures unfortunately did not last.

This May 14, Matthieu Delormeau took advantage of Jean-Michel’s visit to ask him about his current love life. The latter then shares his experiences on the point mentioned. Still single, this man has gone through love disappointments more than once.

“I had daughters, but I don’t want the press to know about it. I live the hidden love,” he explained to begin with.

Source: Facebook screenshot

He then revealed that he dated one woman for two years before he found another. It is after that he evokes a tragic event. He would have gone out with a woman who lost her life following a car accident in Clermont-Ferrand.

“Afterwards, I knew a girl who died, in a car in Clermont-Ferrand”, he continued.

The man who lives near Tours continues his story by saying that he had affairs afterwards. When asked if he is still looking for love, Matthieu Delormeau’s guest gives an indecisive answer.

“Sometimes yes and sometimes no,” he replied.

The latter then affirms that he would like to, but that he wants to take his time. He even confirmed that men send him letters raising interests that he is never going to share in return. Maybe one day he will find the right person to fill that void in his life!

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