Laurent Ruquier stops “We are live”, his Saturday evening talk show on France 2

Laurent Ruquier stops “We are live”, his Saturday evening talk show on France 2

INFO TÉLÉRAMA – After sixteen years of hosting the second evening parts of France 2 on Saturdays, the host will present this Saturday June 4 the last of “We are live”. His former columnist and co-host for a year, Léa Salamé, will succeed him.

It’s no secret: I’m going to leave this box “, told us Laurent Ruquier in mid-May. Discussions with the management of France Télévisions were then ongoing and secret. This time, it’s done: the host confirms to let go this Saturday evening of the reins of We are livethe show he launched in September 2020 to replace the iconic We are not in bed. A long page of TV is turning: Laurent Ruquier, who succeeded Thierry Ardisson in 2006, embodied the second parts of the Saturday evening of France 2 for sixteen years.

Is this the kickoff of a struggling TV transfer window? This departure comes as no surprise: in March, the site Puremedia evoked the hypothesis. It is now confirmed. In reality, the transition had been initiated a year ago, when the management of France Télévisions decided to propel Léa Salamé, ex-columnist of Ruquier from 2014 to 2016 in We are not in bed, as co-host of the talk show. Of all his former snipers, Ruquier had never hidden that Léa Salamé was his darling. Until winning the leading role today.

In September 2021, after tight negotiations, the political journalist joined him, with, in his luggage, his own producer (Régis Lamanna-Rodat), responsible for collaborating with that of Laurent Ruquier (Philippe Thuillier). A jagged cohabitation of teams, which, behind the scenes, made several executives predict a passing of the torch to come…

France Télévisions ensures that the tandem could have continued, and Laurent Ruquier that it is his own decision. But on the screen, sharing the antenna was not easy. The duo first groped before finding their rhythm. ” Hosting for two is easy, but a talk show is more complicated. I wanted to see what it would look like. It is true that it is not easy. It’s quite frustrating for Léa Salamé as for me » he explains. The mission of ” to make the program more nervous and to play more the live card”, in the words of France Télé, is in any case partly accomplished, with an average of nearly one million viewers each Saturday from 11:35 p.m. to 1 a.m. (13.5% of PDA). That is more than the previous season (12.4%). Jean Castex made his political comeback there, Eric Zemmour or Jean-Luc Mélenchon boosted the audience there.

For sixteen years and the launch in 2006 of We are not in bed, with his ex-producer Catherine Barma, the host had become the face of Saturday evenings, when this symbolic slice was still hitting audiences and envious people. ” It’s a box that has become more and more difficult, unlike many others”, recognizes Laurent Ruquier. Competition from the great barnums of TF1, the abundant debates that flood the news channels and the breakthrough of Netflix-type platforms have gradually tarnished its brilliance.

Advances from Cyril Hanouna

What future now for the one who also animates on France 2 TV kids and The big heads on RTL? After declining the advances of Cyril Hanouna, who tried to get him on C8, with a tailor-made talk show, Ruquier ensures that he will remain on public service. ” We have several ongoing projects with him “, indicates the management of France Télé, which the host confirms, judging the progress ” positive “. He could, in addition to TV kids and special evenings Big headsinherit other prime-time programs.

For her part, Léa Salamé, who will always co-host the morning show of France Inter at the start of the school year with Nicolas Demorand – but should leave the political magazine of France 2 on Thursday evening – will therefore be alone at the controls of the talk show on Saturday evening. Asked, she did not wish to answer. Ruquier wishes him good luck “. Last in duet this Saturday June 4, at 11:35 p.m., before a series of best-of until June 25.

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