«Je considère l’exercice trop frustrant»: Laurent Ruquier abandonne «On est en direct»

Laurent Ruquier abandons “We are live”

From the start of the school year, Léa Salamé will be alone at the controls of the France 2 talk show. The host, meanwhile, remains on the channel to present “Les Enfants de la télé” and “Les Grosses Têtes” as well as new bonuses times.

The rumor had been circulating for several months. It is now official: Laurent Ruquier abandons “We are live”. “It’s no secret: I’m going to leave this box”confided the host to our colleagues from Telerama . And as expected, Léa Salamé will be, from the start of the school year, alone at the controls of the France 2 talk show. A departure certainly due to a probable weariness on the part of Laurent Ruquier. Indeed, it is present every Saturday in the second part of the evening since 2006. But also due to the arrival of Léa Salamé. “Animating for two is easy, but a talk show is more complicated. I wanted to see what it would look like. It is true that it is not easy. It’s quite frustrating for Léa Salamé as for me.lamented the host.

On Twitter, Laurent Ruquier wanted to clarify: “It is my decision to leave this time slot, not being comfortable co-hosting for a talk show. I tried but despite my natural understanding with Léa Salamé, I consider the exercise too frustrating”.

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But these may not be the only reasons. By joining “We are live” last September, the journalist had brought with her her own producer, Régis Lamanna-Rodat. And the cohabitation with Philippe Thuillier, the producer of Laurent Ruquier, does not seem to have worked. If Laurent Ruquier does not talk about it (for the moment), his companion, Hugo Manos, took it upon himself to do so last March. “He gets along very well with Léa Salamé, there is no problem with her but he likes to be alone. On the other hand, with Léa’s producer, it’s a little more complicated. He has his own producer, there is Léa’s producer. I know that with Léa’s producer, it’s less easy. In short, all that, it makes him a little drunk”said the columnist in “TPMP People” on C8 before adding: “He has no problem with the channel, he will continue to do the other two shows [“Les Enfants de la télé” et “Les Grosses Têtes”, NDR] but on Saturday evening, potentially it can stop”.

What the management of France Télévisions confirmed: “We have several projects in progress with him”. And Laurent Ruquier to judge the progress “positive”. Saturday June 4, the host should therefore say goodbye to “We are live” since best of are planned for the rest of the month. In the meantime, the host wished “good luck” to Lea Salame.

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