Just qualified for the final, American Coco Gauff takes a stand against guns

Just qualified for the final, American Coco Gauff takes a stand against guns

“Peace. End Gun Violence. For Anglophobes, it means “peace and end gun violence”. It was with this message written on a camera at the end of her half that Coco Gauff celebrated her first qualification for a grand slam final. At only 18 banks, the American did not hesitate to take a stand after the killings that took place recently in her country. A strong message in a country divided between pro and anti-guns that comes from a player whose friends survived the Parkland high school shooting in 2019 (17 dead).

“There are people watching this game all over the world. I hope this message can be received by as many people as possible. For me it is very important. It’s a problem in America and it’s a theme that’s been close to my heart for a long time. It’s completely crazy that three or four years later, other young people can have to relive this kind of thing. Something really needs to be done. Now that I’m 18, I also try to be more aware of certain issues, because I am able to vote, for example, and I try to use the media coverage I receive in a way wise. “, declared a player traumatized by the last killings in the USA, including that of the elementary school of Uvalde in Texas.

“My parents tell me that I can change the world with my racket”

Yet Coco Gauff assures her, she had not premeditated her message. “I didn’t know what I was going to write when I approached the camera. But my team knows that if I want to say something, I will do it. Besides, my parents encourage me and tell me that I can change the world with my racket. My father also told me that he was proud of me and what I had written on camera. We talk about these subjects as a family, ”continues the young champion.

The one who considers herself “a human being before being a tennis player” likes to be interested in things other than the little yellow ball. “My grandmother often tells me that there is more to life than tennis. Winning or losing a match is not the end of the world. There are many people who go through incredible situations. It shows how privileged I am. It’s important to take a step back, ”concludes the American.

Brilliant on the court and committed off the court, Coco Gauff is only 18 years old but is already asserting herself as a voice that will count in women’s tennis. With such a message, his supporters on Saturday for the final against Swiatek could well be more numerous than simple tennis fans.

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