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Jean-Luc Lahaye suicide, the letter he left

In the documentary entitled “Jean-Luc Lahaye, the fall of an idol – what really happened? “, several relatives and friends of the singer spoke about the case in which he is involved. The radio columnist Fabien Lecoeuvre notably recounted how badly his friend experienced his incarceration which lasted 6 months.

Accused of child abuse

These last few months have not been easy for Jean-Luc Lahaye. Accused of having taken advantage of his status to impose sexual relations on two young girls, the singer had to spend a long stay in the prison of Health. Which marked him a lot.

For information, two complaints had been filed by the two women. The facts go back to between August 2013 and April 2015. For his part, the artist has always claimed his innocence. According to him, the facts of which he is accused are unfounded, and those who accuse him simply want revenge.

Margaux Lahaye, the singer’s daughter, did not hesitate to take her side. For her, it is inconceivable that her father could have committed such atrocities. Note that the latter was also indicted for “subordination of witnesses”. She is accused of having put pressure on the women who lodged a complaint against her father.

On January 24, 2022, the mothers of the two accusers spoke before the investigating judge in charge of the case. The latter are suspected of having concealed the harmful acts between their daughters and the singer. One was also indicted for “failure to report a crime”.

It goes without saying that Jean-Luc Lahaye’s reputation took a big hit after the accusations against him were made public. But if he has always proclaimed his innocence, the artist has never hidden his love for young women. During an interview on the show “We only talk about that”, he spoke about this attraction he has for lolitas.

“Who is the man who has never turned to a 20 year old girl while watching her figure? I don’t know of any (…) Me, I go further than controlling, of course. If I can seduce a 20-year-old girl, I don’t mind. Of course,” he said at the time.

After confiding, the artist defended himself by indicating that other big names in the song have also had this inclination. He notably cited Serge Gainsbourg, Claude François, but also the idol of young people, the one and only Johnny Hallyday. For Jean-Luc Lahaye, his love for young women is something he fully assumes, because according to him, it allows him to somehow retain his youth.

Testimonials from relatives

A documentary devoted to Jean-Luc Lahaye, and which is entitled “Jean-Luc Lahaye, the fall of an idol – what really happened? was broadcast on W9 on Wednesday June 1, 2022. In the report, several relatives and friends of the artist spoke about the case.

Among them, the radio columnist Fabien Lecoeuvre. The latter told how much his friend suffered from his incarceration. According to him, Jean-Luc lived his stay in prison so badly that he could end up ending his life.

“He’s going to kill himself. I’ve always thought that if they take him out, he’s going to take his motorbike and he’s going to throw himself at two hundred kilometers an hour on a wall (…) He’s a guy like that. He is whole. He is sincere. And there, I think he really took a beating,” he said.

The columnist says that for Jean-Luc Lahaye, all that matters is his job. And if some wonder if the singer will one day be able to reconnect with the scene, according to Fabien, everything will depend on the decision of justice.

In addition, another friend of Jean-Luc Lahaye also spoke about his case during his visit to the set of “Touche pas à mon poste” a few months ago. Vincent Martin, since it’s about him, said he received a letter from the singer while he was still “between four walls for four months”. In this letter, Jean-Luc would confide in being completely lost, and living a “real nightmare”.

“Each minute lasts an hour, it makes you wonder if leaving would not be deliverance,” he wrote in his letter.

To conclude, note that the singer remains presumed innocent until proven otherwise.

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