"If the name Lagardère should disappear in favor of Bolloré, I would be happy": the confessions of Arnaud Lagardère

“If the name Lagardère should disappear in favor of Bolloré, I would be happy”: the confessions of Arnaud Lagardère

Five years that he had not granted an interview on television. The last time, it was already at “Complement of investigation”. To accompany a portrait broadcast this Thursday in the magazine at 11 p.m. on France 2, Arnaud Lagardère has agreed to settle in the famous red armchairs and face the journalist Tristan Waleckx. The opportunity for him to answer all the questions, and in particular on the place of Vivendi and Vincent Bolloré in his group today. Far, very far from what is told in the press according to him. “No interference” on Europe 1, the JDD or Paris Match, he swears in particular.

During these twenty minutes of interview, the boss of Lagardère takes good care of his main shareholder: “You should be proud of Vincent Bolloré”, “a formidable captain of industry”, “everything has always gone well”, “the integrity of the group is ensured by Vincent Bolloré”… So much so that when his interlocutor asks him if he is not afraid of seeing his name fade away to make way for that of the Breton businessman, Arnaud Lagardère (61 years) offers an unexpected answer. “If the name Lagardère should disappear in favor of a name like that of Vincent Bolloré, I would be rather happy about it, he says. It wouldn’t bother me. And my dad wouldn’t mind either. »

“There are a lot of similarities between my father and Vincent Bolloré”

Surprisingly, Arnaud Lagardère even makes religious references twice. “As they say in my religion: you have to put the church back in the center of the village, there I would need a cathedral”, he says to justify his choice to give an interview to the show. Then “We only kneel before God”, to praise the qualities of its shareholder. “I find that there are a lot of similarities between my father and Vincent Bolloré in terms of form and substance,” he confides. They are two extremely jovial, empathetic people, absolutely not anxiety-provoking. And then, they are also extremely hard-working, very demanding people. And finally they are free people. »

Recognizing himself a certain atypicality in the management of his role as a CAC 40 entrepreneur, the manager also answers questions about his love life, he who married the model Jade Foret in 2013, thirty years his junior. , and participated with her in an improbable documentary for Belgian television, having nothing to envy to reality TV shows. “I assume, he repeats. Basically, we did not glorify Nazism, insult the police or piss off the French. However, Arnaud Lagardère concedes that the video is “absolutely ridiculous”. “I probably wouldn’t do it again,” he admits. It was probably a mistake. »

“Further investigation: Lagardère, the end of an empire? », magazine presented by Tristan Waleckx, report by Guillaume Couderc, Julien Daguerre and Karim Annette (2022). This Thursday evening at 11 p.m. on France 2. 1:10 a.m.

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