François responds to the virulent attacks of Louana, Yannick and Colin in the final jury

François responds to the virulent attacks of Louana, Yannick and Colin in the final jury

During the last episode of Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem broadcast this May 31 on TF1, the final jury attacked François quite violently. He decided to answer this June 2 on Instagram…

TF1 broadcasts the new season of Koh Lantatitled The cursed totem. While the final is fast approaching, many adventurers have already left the show like Yannick, Colin, Maxime or even Fouzi. This Tuesday, May 31, the front page broadcast a new episode and after an incredible suspense, it was finally Nicolas who was eliminated. The former candidate of the yellow tribe paid the price for the strategy of Jean-Charles and Olga, flying over the whole episode thanks to their double vote won after their confrontation which saw the elimination of Fouzi. Playing on several tables at the same time, Nicolas tried to fool his comrades but he was qualified “double agent” by adventurers.

Koh Lanta : the final jury not tender with the ex-greens and in particular François

Nicolas saw nothing coming. Indeed, Jean-Charles wanted to eliminate Amber at first but the adventurer changed his strategy during the episode. In the episode broadcast on May 31, Fouzi joins the final jury and the criticism against the ex-Greens rocketed. Louana didn’t mince words: “The it’s treasonthey went too far, I blame the ex-greens, it was with them that I had an alliance, a strategy, and with them that I had words, promises, words. I have serious balls, I am seriously pained and saddenedit is beyond the strategy“, she tackled. Yannick judged that François, “as strong an adventurer as he is, for me, i say it clearly as i mean it, he’s a coward, he betrayed one of his allieswhatever the reason“. After these violent criticisms which even surprised Fouzi, François decided to speak, in a series of questions and answers on Instagram (to be found here) this June 2.

François responds to attacks from Louana, Yannick and Colin

The ex-red first reacted to the numerous attacks suffered by Amber after the last episode. “I am more than surprised. I strongly condemn any type of violence no matter who is targeted. It’s everyone’s business. Koh Lanta is and must remain a game“, he recalled. François then replied after the criticism of the final jury. “The fact that some judge and criticize without being on the camp, therefore without knowing what happened, out of context with a sound of bell sometimes guided by the immense disappointment even the sourness to leave don’t give not always coherent and realistic statements in my opinion“, he judged. Before reacting to the exit of Colin who estimated that François was “was peeing on it to see Louana burst it on the proofs“.”First I laughed because I assure you no incontinence problem on my side. I am someone who likes the challenge and measure myself against the difficulty so I absolutely do not recognize myself in the comments. A lot of disappointment at the game’s release which can lead to certain comments“, he concluded on the subject.

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