Was the movie "Top Gun: Maverick" financed with Russian money?

Was the movie “Top Gun: Maverick” financed with Russian money?

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Whistleblower Andrew Eksner claims that the film “Top Gun: Maverick” was partly financed by “dirty Russian money”. The story, relayed by the newspaper The world, is starting to spill a lot of ink. Companies like Paramount Pictures or New Republic would be affected. We explain to you.

It’s a story that is starting to make noise. Andrew Eksner, a whistleblower who worked for Hollywood, stands up to Paramount Pictures, the giant of American production. According to him, and according to an article published by the newspaper The worldthe film “Top Gun: Maverick”, in which appears in particular Tom Cruise, would have been partly financed by Russian money.

The case concerns powerful Hollywood production studios. The latter would have gone to seek rather shady funding according to the revelations of the whistleblower.

New Republic and the Kremlin

In the summer of 2020, Paramount Pictures would have signed with a production studio called “New Republic”, a contract worth more than 200 million dollars. Behind this negotiation, the idea is to help finance a dozen films, including “Top Gun : Maverick” and the “Mission: Impossible” saga reports The world. Problem, New Republic would have a relationship with Russian power.

New Republic number two Valerii An is said to have worked nine months for AS Monaco football club, owned by Russian oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev. In parallel, Valerii An also allegedly attended a party in which Kremlin spokesman Dimitri Peskov was present.

Russian influence in Hollywood

Asked by The worldAndrew Eksner is adamant, Russia could influence American cinema: “Paramount Pictures is in big trouble, everyone on Wall Street knows that Shari Redstone (the CEO of Paramount Global) wants to part with it. The risk is real that the Kremlin is trying to take control of it, via Valerii An. Russian interference in American politics has been demonstrated. Why wouldn’t they attack the cinema?”, he confides to them.

In April, the whistleblower decides to make this story known. Through email and his lawyers, he contacts the managers of the Cannes festival or even certain media. For him, “Top Gun: Meverick” is partly financed by “dirty Russian money”. “As a result of my messages, host Jimmy Kimmel canceled Tom Cruise’s appearance on his show,” he told the World.

Not the first charge

A question remains unanswered, why is Andrew Eksner attacking Paramount Pictures? Originally, the conflict dates back to when the latter was working for Hollywood in the search and promotion of filming locations. In 2019, while working on the film “Mission: Impossible 7”, he was tasked with finding a place where the final scene should take place. The latter, must be turned on an old railway, a train must fall and come crashing into the abyss just below.

He would have found “an incredible bridge” in Poland, before the production changed its mind and did without his services: “I found out later that they had hired some shady people in Poland, with links to the government in place” he attests in his tweet. Furious, he builds a case against Paramount and points the finger at the financing of certain films, which he claims are supported by Russian money of suspicious origin.

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