Top Chef: Sébastien, "the butcher of the North", has struck again

Top Chef: Sébastien, “the butcher of the North”, has struck again

The Caudrésien Sébastien Renard won his ticket for the semi-final, Wednesday June 1, after an incredible finish. In one against one, the Northerner is definitely formidable.

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Sébastien Renard is never as strong as when he has his back to the wall. A monster. A terror. ” The Butcher of the North “, as it is now nicknamed. For the 16th episode of Top chef, with Pascal and Louise, they were to impress the critics of the Michelin Guide. So the one who dream to see his name appear in the gastronomic guide one day was, as usual, given his all.

We had two stars at Monsieur Meurin (at the Château de Beaulieu, near Béthune, where he worked)I know the pressure, I know the requirement. ” Sébastien therefore put himself in the lead of ” introduce them to my region, the North. I’ll put it on my plate. »

This time, no waffle or fries, but pigeon. ” I want to pay tribute to a small producer of young pigeons in the North, a product that I worked on a lot at Monsieur Meurin. I don’t want to distort something that is already exceptional. » « Marc Meurin is like a cooking dad, he taught me a lot, he helped me grow a lot professionally, I owe him a lot “, he told us at the start of the season. This dish is therefore also a gourmet way to pay homage to him.

A devastating “iodine shock”

His plate, ” clean and smudge-free “, is greeted by the jury. ” A super soft meat in the mouth. Nice sauce. It’s very good. It’s the reassuring side of the North, sharing. It’s fun, it’s good. “We imagine that the choice was not easy for the inspectors of the red guide, but it was Louise who won the pass.

Back to square one for the Northerner, who then finds himself facing Pascal. Neither of them has a pass. But for the next event, two are up for grabs. Sébastien is back to the wall. Terror awakens…

When he has to make a chocolate bite, Sébastien launches into a chocolate sea urchin. ” It could be phew. Le Nordiste fully embraces its concept and loads it with iodine. ” It’s going to be an iodine shock! » « This boy is amazing “says Paul Pairet.

The eulogy of Yannick Alléno and Aurélie Rivoire

And the word is weak. ” I find it excellent. It is enormous. Impressive. Of extraordinary intelligence. It’s about remembering. It is worthy of a three star “say Yannick Alléno and Aurélie Rivoire, amazed by what they have just swallowed. We have rarely heard such nice compliments in Top Chef and Sébastien gets his first pass.

The Northerner then had to make a savory chocolate dish. So he put everywhere to accompany his duck. ” It works wonderfully well. This chef knows how to cook. We are on a very high level plate », asks Yannick Alléno. Pascal is swept away, Sébastien gets his ticket for the semi-final where he will find Louise and Arnaud. The incredible course of the Caudrésien continues!

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