Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1199 of Thursday June 2, 2022 [SPOILERS] - News Series on TV

Tomorrow belongs to us: what awaits you in episode 1199 of Thursday June 2, 2022 [SPOILERS] – News Series on TV

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… While Chloé tries to make Raphaëlle listen to reason, Sara and Roxane make an important decision. At the same time, Victoire reassures Floriane.

Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode of Tomorrow belongs to us tomorrow evening on TF1! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Thursday June 2 in Tomorrow belongs to us…


Raphaëlle has been on cloud nine since Stanislas asked her to marry him. Although they have known each other for barely three months, the lawyer is certain that he is the man of her life. Seeing this union with a very bad eye, Camille enjoins her mother to take the time to reflect, but she would like her to simply accept her decision. Very worried, the teenager tries once again to open her eyes to Stanislas but without success. The latter, who has heard their exchange, intervenes and signals to Camille that it is time to go to high school.

Subsequently, Stanislas makes his partner believe that it affects him that Camille does not appreciate him. Raphaëlle then assures us that he has nothing to reproach himself for and even goes so far as to think that it is Sébastien who is getting on his nerves. At the same time, the lawyer receives a call from Chloé but does not pick up. Indeed, she is tired of having to justify her love decisions to everyone. For his part, Stanislas promises to do everything to fix things with Camille.

At the same time, Sébastien asks Commander Constant to check Stanislas’ background. If investigating his daughter’s dating is not one of his priorities, Martin also has nothing to open an investigation. Furious, Sébastien threatens to hold him personally responsible if anything happens to his daughter. Having heard their conversation, Sara indicates that she is also convinced that Raphaëlle is under the influence of a violent man. She may insist to her commander to push the search, he categorically refuses.

For her part, Camille announces to Chloé that her mother has agreed to marry Stanislas. Worried, she begs her ex-stepmom not to let her down, pointing out that she’s her only friend here. Since abandoning Raphaëlle is out of the question for her, Chloé promises to find a solution.

A few steps away, Sébastien meets Stanislas and offers him money to leave Sète. Only, Stanislas has nothing to do with it and only wants one thing, Raphaëlle’s happiness. When he talks about his future marriage, Sébastien says that he attacked the wrong family and then certifies that the wedding will not take place.

At the end of the day, Camille surprises Stanislas clearing things out of Maud’s room. As she reproaches him for making himself comfortable, he replies that he will give her back her room when she returns to Sète for good. In the meantime, the skipper intends to invest the place whether he likes it or not. And to specify that she will have to get used to it because he will soon be here at home.

In the evening, Chloé joins Raphaëlle in her office. Happy to see her, the lawyer hastens to tell her the good news before asking her to be a witness at her wedding. Even if she says she is happy for her, the Delcourt daughter however thinks that this marriage is a bit rushed and tries to find out if she is fulfilled. Raphaëlle retorts when she asked him to be her witness and not her judge before ending the conversation.

Leaving the office, Chloé is on the phone with Alex when an individual attacks her to steal her bag. Stanislas, who was around, arrives at the right time and manages to scare the aggressor away.


Certain that he would make a good dad, Sara would like his wife to think seriously about Bart’s proposal. As it was not their original plan, she fears that their friend will be too present in the life of their child. For Roxane, their future baby should not grow up with three parents, but Sara thinks on the contrary that it has its advantages.

At work, Roxane confides in Nordine about her fears of raising a child at three. After telling her that she had the right to refuse, he points out to her that the main thing is that the child be happy.

Not far from there, Sara tells Bart that they haven’t made their decision yet before specifying that they still need a little time. Understanding that they are not on the same wavelength, Bart indicates that he would never have proposed such a thing if he was not intimately convinced that the three of them would make a good team. Since she also sees her future family with Bart in the equation, Sara guarantees that Roxane will eventually change her mind.

Subsequently, Bart tells his mother that he proposed to Sara and Roxane to be the father of their child. If Anna is convinced that this desire for a child is a remedy for her pain, her son swears the opposite.

At the end of the day, Sara and Roxane invite Bart to their place because they have found an arrangement that would suit everyone. They want this child to be theirs first and foremost but also want Bart to be an integral part of his life. That’s why they consent to him being the father of their baby. However, they are the ones who will legally form the parental couple. The child will therefore have two mothers plus a father. Overjoyed, Bart hugs his two friends.


Floriane, the woman who gave birth in the car, chose to call her baby boy Samuel, in tribute to Doctor Chardeau. For Victoire, it’s both touching and uncomfortable. For his part, Samuel would be almost moved.

Subsequently, Victoire and Samuel hear Floriane screaming in the corridors of the hospital. Indeed, the latter has just had Enzo on the phone which told him that he was not ready to become a father. Panicked, the young mother does not see herself raising her child without him. To reassure her, Victoire declares that men are often scared in this kind of situation but is convinced that he will eventually come back.

Later, Floriane apologizes to Samuel for having cracked up like this. Understanding, he advises her to rest a little. After thanking him, Floriane says that she feels less alone.

At nightfall, Floriane confides in Victoire that she hasn’t heard from Enzo. A reaction that she does not understand since her companion was overjoyed at the idea of ​​​​being a dad. Victoire therefore explains to him that the arrival of a child is often an upheaval in a couple but that he will certainly pull himself together. While Floriane apologizes for getting upset, Victoire indicates that she would have done much worse if she had been in her place. On the other hand, Floriane knows that Doctor Chardeau would never have let her down.

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