Paul Pogba et sa chérie Maria : leur princesse a perdu la vie

their princess lost her life

Paul Pogba is one of the strongest football players of his generation. The Frenchman from Lagny-sur-Marne in the Paris region started with the Manchester United team. When he is on the pitch, he gives everything, whether for his club matches or sometimes even with the Blues team. Despite his efforts, fans are not always easy on him and criticize his performance. The champion of the round ball was kind enough to confide his reaction to his remarks to the journalists of Figaro. We reveal his words to you!

Paul Pogba and his wife have just lost a loved one…

“We are judged every three days, we have to be good all the time, when we have problems like everyone else, whether with our partners, our coach, in everyday life”confessed Paul Pogba to our colleagues from Figaro. Indeed, it’s a bit the other side of the coin as they say. We achieve success and wealth, we become famous, but in return, we are also constantly judged and criticized. Indeed, rumors and remarks are among the disadvantages of notoriety.

“Inevitably, you will feel it in your body, in your head, and you can have a month, even a year, where you are not well. But you don’t have to say it. In any case publicly. It’s all in the head, the mind controls everything and all top athletes go through these moments, but few talk about it. explains with sincerity Paul Pogba. Indeed, it is very difficult to pretend that everything is fine when it is not. It reminds us of the great song hell of Stromae.

The football player in the spotlight

Thus, the flashes are regularly on Paul Pogba who often makes the cover of magazines. Just like his wife, Maria Salaues Zulay. The two lovers have been a couple since 2017. Two years ago, the two stars decided to take the next step and start their family. Thus, the sportsman and his wife welcomed their first child, a little prince who is named Labile Shakur.

A disappearance that saddens the wife of Paul Pogba

For information, the wife of Paul Pogba is a model of Bolivian origin. And she is a great influencer if we believe the large community she has on social networks, especially on her account. instagram. The young woman takes the opportunity to share pictures of her travels all over the world, her moments of family happiness or her fashion trends. If you’re a real fashionista and looking for inspiration, don’t hesitate to browse her account.

But, on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, the atmosphere was not good for the young mother. Indeed, she shared sad news with her subscribers. Apparently, her little dog has joined the stars. It was a very cute Yorkie. “My beautiful little princess. You will always be in my heart. RIP Mia »writes in legend the wife of Paul Pogba as you can see on the publication instagram above.

Many Internet users wrote touching messages to support her. “I am really sad to learn of his disappearance”, “I am thinking of you very much. We get so attached to these little beasts. “I’m really sorry for you. Good luck to you “, can we read on the Web. Grieving for your pet can be very difficult, but time will do its work.

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