Olga (Koh-Lanta) reveals the symbolic gesture that binds her for life to another adventurer

Olga (Koh-Lanta) reveals the symbolic gesture that binds her for life to another adventurer

Olga and Anne-Sophie forged a great friendship during the filming of Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem. On Instagram, the two young women unveiled the symbolic gesture they made together and which now binds them for eternity.

Despite the strategies, betrayals and other low blows, many adventurers have forged lasting affinities in Koh Lanta. Once the last advice is over, those who affectionately call themselves the “kohpains“Occasionally meet up to have a good time together. Already very close, this season’s candidates had, for example, shared images of their reunion weekend in Montpellier on social networks. This time it’s Olga and Anne-Sophie , who revealed on Instagram the images of their stay in Greece. And the two women have chosen to bond for life thanks to a very symbolic gesture.

Tattoos to weld their friendship

Anne-Sophie was eliminated from Koh-Lanta: the cursed totem, shortly after reunification. The companion of footballer Anthony Mounier had preferred to leave his immunity necklace to his accomplice in the adventure. A miscalculation that cost her her place… Since then Olga has been hanging on, although she is in the crosshairs of François and his allies. With the support of Jean-Charles and Géraldine and the help of a double vote on the board, she was able to push Nicolas, who was nevertheless part of the alliance of former greens, towards the exit. From now on, Anne-Sophie and Olga can display their beautiful complicity on Instagram.Burn into the skin. A deep and lifelong friendship! We talked about it on the camp, we did it! It was February in Greece! Reunions and moments that we could not share with you, because we were still in the confidence before the broadcast of KL “she explained on her Instagram account. They then reveal the strong symbol of their friendship that they have chosen to share: two common tattoos.

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Olga and Anne-Sophie reveal the meaning of the drawings they have chosen to share

Olga and Anne-Sophie opted for the same symbol and each wrote “co” on their wrists. Tattoos whose meaning they explain, which is of course linked to their adventure in the Philippines. “Why CoCo because we were big fans of Colin. Ahahah!! No really, ask all the adventurers who were the coconut cutters? With my Olguita, we made a shock duo, the queens of coconuts!! Our symbol means WARRIOR in Greek!! We wanted a lifelong memory of our adventure together that marked us for life., detail the two friends. This publication was welcomed by Colin, Olga’s accomplice. “Yeah the best tattoo!!!”, he commented. Anthony Mounier, Anne-Sophie’s companion, has included a few small emojis showing his love for his companion and his approval for these symbols. Internet users have, for their part, validated this tattoo by welcoming the very strong bond that unites the two young women. “A friendship like that or nothing”for example, extolled a faithful of the two candidates.

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