les créateurs de dark reviennent

Netflix has the perfect series for Dark fans

The creators of Dark are back with a series that will draw inspiration from horror. Here is the teaser.

Dark, which aired between 2017 and 2020, was a huge hit for Netflix. The German series quickly established itself as a reference of the genre in an already rather busy catalog. After three seasons, the work created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese nevertheless bowed out with a grand finale.

Fans of the universe of the two screenwriters will not remain orphans for very long, however, since the duo returns for new adventures on the platform. No reboot or spin-off, it’s a completely new production that they are preparing for us.

If the short teaser shared by the platform on Twitter does not tell us much about the plot, we already know that it will explore the journey of New York immigrants coming to settle in Europe in 1899. Good thing, that’s the name of this new series: 1899.

Their crossing will be turned upside down when they cross the path of a mysterious drifting ship. This enigmatic boat will reveal connections between passengers, and unravel a web of secrets. An early synopsis has already been added on Netflix, “What was lost will be found.” It’s rather enigmatic.

you are not ready

On May 13, Netflix had already promoted this upcoming release with an unpublished image. The French account had also accompanied this shot with a warning. “1899, the new series from the creators of Dark, still in production and so much the better because no one is ready.”

It must be said that the two screenwriters have tortured our brains with their previous production, offering us the multiverse of Marvel before the hour. We can therefore expect them to explore fantastic paths again with this production. Especially since this time around, she’ll be eyeing directly on the side of horror. The best of both worlds.

A bunch of famous actors

In the casting, we will find many heads well known to Netflix subscribers. To put this European adventure into images, the platform is recruiting from among its most popular series. We will thus cross paths with Andres Pietschmann, who distinguished himself as the visitor to the future of Dark. Miguel Bernadeau (Elite), Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen (The Rain) and Clara Rosager (The Rain) will also be there. A Frenchwoman has also been invited to the party, Mathilde Ollivier will be on the trip. The actress had notably starred in Boss Level out in 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

You can already add it to your list

Netflix accompanied this announcement with the release of a dedicated page on its interface. At this address, it is therefore already possible to add 1899 to your list. So you can be notified when a release date has been set. It will also be possible to find the trailers and other images here. A great way to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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