Mum finds dead 12-year-old son in bed as she tries to wake him up for school

Losing someone dear to us is certainly not easy, even more so when it happens suddenly. This is particularly what this single mother experienced following the sudden disappearance of her child. We give you more details about this sad story.

A little angel gone way too soon

This is the story of Kimberley Shepherd, this single mother who lost her only toddler. As revealed by his mom, little Liam joined the stars in his sleep and until now, the true circumstances of his death remain unknown.

His mother didn’t realize he was dead until the morning she tried to wake him up to go to school. Note that the boy was almost 12 years old before his death. He breathed his last on March 23, 2022, at the family home in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset.

Thus, by leaving forever, little Liam left behind his mother, saddened by the disappearance of her son. Kimberley Shepherd has claimed that her child is everything to her, that he is the reason she wakes up every day and that now that Liam is gone, she has “nothing else to look forward to”.

Saddened by the loss, Kimberley said it’s hard for her to imagine a life without her son. This pained mom also described her pain as unbearable. Now, therefore, Kimberley must try to lead a daily life without this child that she has raised alone since he was born.

“He is the love of my life, my soul mate (…) I don’t know how I’m going to face the big steps without him,” she said.

A child loved by all

Regarding the kind of boy that little Liam was, his mother assured that he was very popular at school. According to his mother, the little boy was loved by those around him and also had many friends.

Kimberley Shepherd has revealed that even though life goes on after such a tragedy, for her the pain can never be eased. In losing her only child, she says, she loses the person who was closest to her.

Continuing, the mother returned to the behavior of her late son when he was still alive. According to him, Liam was a “caring” and “considerate” child. Full of life, the little boy thought of becoming a policeman, due to the fact that he liked to help people, but unfortunately, fate decided otherwise for him.

In fact, a year before he took his last breath, Liam was keen to run a marathon for a week in order to support the NSPCC. He also used to buy food to give to people in need.

The little boy also tended to bake cakes for the NHS, the police as well as his teachers. And before his sudden disappearance, Liam had also organized a raffle to raise funds for Winston’s Wish.

Tributes have been dedicated to him

This disappearance of little Liam obviously made many people react. In addition to his mother, the sad news had also saddened several other people and some of them have decided to pay tribute to him.

For the case of the inhabitants of Weston, they wanted to honor the memory of the little boy by placing some ribbons as well as golden badges throughout the city.

For its part, the Weston-super-Mare Rugby Football Club also paid tribute to Liam by naming the stadium after him. And on top of that, football clubs have also decided to donate autographed shirts to raise funds for children who cannot afford a football academy.

For her part, Kimberley Shepherd, the little boy’s mother, said she wanted to see her late son’s face and name “everywhere”. If the circumstances of Liam’s death remain unknown until now, Dr. Yves-Victor Kamami revealed that death during sleep can come from several reasons such as: sleep apnea, carbon monoxide poisoning, heart attack myocardium, sudden cardiac arrest or unexplained nocturnal death syndrome.

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