Mariés au premier regard

Married at first sight: Frédérick disgusted by this attitude of Emilie, off-camera revelations about his behavior

Disputes and repetitive lack of respect… No couple can stand that. And Frédérick blames Emilie’s behavior which, according to him, is too difficult to forgive. During the May 30 episode of Married at First Sight, the couple therefore decided to divorce. But what really happened? We’ll give you the details right away, so read to the end!

Nothing was going well between the couple

During the May 30 episode, Frédérick and Emilie announce that they want a divorce. The next day, the candidate of Married at first sight confided in one of our colleagues on the real reasons for this separation. Nothing was right between them and this despite their 84% compatibility. But what happened? Fans want to know the details and the real estate agent did it just recently!

On their last wedding night in Prague, an argument arises over a simple dance. Amber’s dad wanted to prank his wife by dancing in a beaver pilou-pilou. Because of this, the real estate negotiator has doubted the sincerity of her husband. She asked if he was on the show to make the buzz. Which deeply surprises the young single father of Married at first sight.

reproaches and distrust

If you want to build a lasting relationship, you have to avoid secretiveness and mistrust. However, the candidate of Married at first sight did not respect this rule. Indeed, before enrolling in this adventure, he had doubts and reservations. He says that by trying the experiment he could be confronted with a woman who is just looking for attention. Following which he said he was “suspicious and observant”.

But following this first argument between lovers, the couple patched things up. Life resumes, and once back, the quarrels resume immediately! To solve the problem, the candidates of Married at first sight therefore decide to call on the help of Estelle Dossin. The series expert. However, Frédérick no longer had any hope. In fact, it seems that Lina’s mom has unfairly criticized her companion!

The words of too many of this candidate of Married at first sight

“Émilie had openly disrespected me and something had broken in me,” he confides. And what is the reason? It would seem that this candidate of Married at first sight announced “nicely” a news that she wanted to dramatize with the show’s productions. Following which, she hurled insults and reproaches at him. And to top it off, she discredited Frédérick with his family.

During a call from Lina’s grandmother, the beautiful brunette declared that Frédérick was not a man he didn’t have C*lles and manipulator. And that the latter made the lamb with the production. Amber’s dad was present and therefore took his things to leave. “I was disgusted. Emilie made me lose my smile and my joie de vivre ”concludes the candidate of Married at first sight.

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