Maeva Ghennam at her worst, she makes a radical decision

Maeva Ghennam at her worst, she makes a radical decision

By S.J.

– Published on June 02, 2022 at 09:49

Maeva Ghennam is still in low spirits and has become aware of certain things. As a result, the famous reality TV candidate made a radical decision.

Maeva Ghennam has decided to question herself. At its worst for several weeks, the famous Marseillais candidate has taken a step back in order to work on herself. And on June 1, 2022, she spoke out on her Snapchat account after making a drastic decision. At first, the young woman explained why she was absent from social networks at the moment: “Today I was not present and even lately. It was because I’m working on a new project which is currently secret. And today I needed to cut and find myself alone to focus on me, on my life, on my projects. » Then, Greg Yega’s ex put words to his discomfort: “I thought a lot and questioned myself a lot. I questioned my life. You know that lately has been very difficult for me. I found myself alone, I was very unhappy and today I’m much better thanks to God. »

She added: “Today I made a big decision in my life that was very hard for me.. I know it’s still going to be hard but I think it’s a decision that will make me happy in the long run. The goal of a life in any case for me is above all to be happy, to smile, to love life and to feel good. And then it’s to build a future and start a family… All the misfortunes I’ve had lately have allowed me to find myself, to know what I want in life (…) I experienced very badly all the harassment I experienced this year on the networks, that’s why I try to be careful (…) I’m going to refocus on what I like to do, on what makes me happy, travelling, sharing my life with you, my family, my friends and enjoying life to the fullest as I have always done. »

Maeva Ghennam wants to become the one she was before

Maeva Ghennam, who had locked herself in a character that did not suit her, now wants to become the one she was before: “Don’t worry, you will find Maeva funny, sparkling, not bling bling or who only shows her money because it is useless (…) Not the Maeva of now completely withdrawn and unhappy, sad and not active » she said before continuing: “The Maeva that I was disgusts me. I had lost myself, I had died out, I only showed luxury stuff when it’s not me, I’m basically a simple person, who loves simplicity, who prefers having fun riding a scooter rather than going to a luxury restaurant. I swear I was lost but thanks to you, your alarm bells, I’m starting to find myself and be happy again. »

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