Julien Doré would have lost the woman of his life and would unfortunately be on the verge of depression

Julien Doré would have lost the woman of his life and would unfortunately be on the verge of depression

At the end of May, it’s Mother’s Day and many people are excited about the idea of ​​celebrating it as a family. Social networks are overflowing with content on this famous Mother’s Day.

Julien Doré announced that he had lost the woman of his life on social networks, on Mother’s Day. The message said she had passed away. It’s not the first time he’s posted this kind of message on social media, but it was still shocking to see it happen again.

The post prompted many people to send their condolences and share their own stories of the loss of a loved one.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate this day. This can happen if your mother dies or if you grow up without a mother’s love in your life.

It’s a sad day for Julien Doré and we share his thoughts on it.

Julien Doré, the orphan musical artist

Julien Doré is a celebrity revealed very recently. He achieved this status thanks to the popular TV show “The New Star”. The popularity of his social networks has continued to grow since then.

Last Sunday, when we were all celebrating Mother’s Day and feeling really happy, the star gave us some sad news.

According to Julien Doré, it was the darkest day of his life. He reportedly posted a photo of himself as a child with his mother and sisters on Instagram with the caption, “This is me in 2002 before my mother died. The day he died was the darkest day of my life and I’m still trying to rebuild myself. »

On the other hand, instead of posting happy comments to congratulate her, the interpreter let out all her frustration because of her departure. Indeed, we have learned that the mother of Julien Doré died during this day.

The pain he feels had made him say this in public: “The world doesn’t seem quite the same without his mother. What remains without her is almost everything, fades, fades…”

Although the singer had been very disappointed, he recovered quickly to be able to perform that evening.

This sad news has visibly changed the life of the singer

No one can take your mother’s place – her love is irreplaceable and precious.

Julien Doré received support from his friends on Instagram following this sudden loss. For now, he remains upset and can’t stop crying!

He seemed to live only for his mother. It seemed that she was the one who represented everything he was. Now that she’s gone, nothing good seems to be happening for the performer. Julien Doré would have declared: “The son that I remain [….] The world is not quite the same without his mom. »

The tragic reality of this event pushed Julien Doré to become a fighter for events like this. With the loss of his mother that day, he realized some important aspects of life.

He realized that life was short in this world. It is important to cherish every second of your time with your loved ones. Do not regret any moment that passes in the future.

That’s why he said to make sure all his fans follow suit! If these celebrities had the power to turn back time, he would have done it to dismantle all his love for his mom!

Julien Doré needs to be mentally strong and get out of this ordeal

Losing a loved one can be sad and difficult, and it will take time for Julien Doré to recover. It is important for him to make the effort to recover quickly. To do this, he must be able to forget everything about his past, including his childhood with his mother!

Julien Doré must also have acquired a certain maturity to do so. He now has to take care of himself independently. Especially now that a big change is going to happen in his life. During his intervention at 50 Minutes Inside, he would have revealed to Nikos Aliagas that he was soon to become a dad!

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