Bill Cosby once again tried for sexual assault on a teenager

Bill Cosby once again tried for sexual assault on a teenager

The American actor finds himself facing a new court, to answer the accusations of a woman who assures that he abused her in the 1970s.

Bill Cosby once again faced sexual assault charges on Wednesday, this time in a California court which heard on Wednesday how he allegedly abused a teenage girl in Los Angeles nearly 50 years ago.

This civil complaint is one of the last legal proceedings still active against the fallen actor, now 84, who has been accused of various sexual assaults by dozens of women.

Sentenced to prison in 2018 on the East Coast for one of these complaints, Bill Cosby was released last year after the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania overturned the judgment for a procedural flaw.

An alleged attack in the Playboy Mansion

Judy Huth, plaintiff in this lawsuit opened last week in Santa Monica, affirms that the actor, who for years played the ideal father in the series Cosby Showhad abused her in 1975 when she was only 16 years old.

According to him, Bill Cosby made him drink a large quantity of alcohol before taking him to his friend Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion and sexually assaulting him in a bedroom of the mansion.

“Immediately after she sat up (on the bed), he jumped up…He tried to slip his hands into her panties,” Nathan Goldberg, Judy Huth’s attorney, told the jury.

When the girl told him she was on her period, Bill Cosby released his penis and forced her to masturbate it, Goldberg added.

Bill Cosby absent from trial

Bill Cosby’s defenders denied any aggression on the part of their client and questioned the events recounted by the complainant, who began by saying that the facts had taken place in 1974. “It’s not just a small error, it is the proof that (the story) was invented”, affirmed for the defense Me Jennifer Bonjean.

The judge not having ordered the actor to be present at the trial, the latter, who usually resides in New York, should not make the trip to California. He made a deposition via video recording.

Judy Huth had filed a civil complaint in December 2014 but the justice had decided to suspend the procedure, because of the criminal proceedings which Cosby was the subject of at the time, following the very first accusations made against him.

“It’s like a cork popped,” Nathan Goldberg said. “Memories flooded to the surface…she was overwhelmed with those memories of Mr. Cosby and what he had done.”

Bill Cosby has always denied the charges

The overturning of the actor’s criminal conviction for procedural flaw allowed Judy Huth’s complaint to resume its course. Me Goldberg indicated that two other women claiming to be victims of Bill Cosby in 1975 would come to testify at the bar, making it possible to highlight the many similarities in the modus operandi used by the accused, who according to him took advantage of his celebrity to attract unsuspecting teenage girls.

In total, about 60 women have publicly accused Bill Cosby of being a calculating sexual predator who used alcohol and sleeping pills to abuse his victims for decades. The latter has always denied, assuring that the sexual relations were consented. The ongoing trial in Santa Monica is expected to last several weeks.

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