Attention ! Un virus vole vos données bancaires, voici comment l’éviter

Attention ! A virus steals your bank details, here’s how to avoid it

News hardware Attention ! A virus steals your bank details, here’s how to avoid it

The dangerous FluBot virus is spreading again all over Europe. All smartphones are affected, although the main target seems to be primarily Android phones. By attaching itself inside your smartphone, this virus aims to steal all your banking information, we explain how to avoid it.

The FluBot banking virus, what is it?

Already well known since a first spread in 2021, the FluBot virus has appeared since April 2022.

Even if its priority target seems to be Android smartphones, Iphones are not left out according to the cybersecurity company BitDefender. With bank data theft amounting to several million euros since 2021, a second campaign is appearing all over Europe.

Often broadcast on pirate networks, FluBot is what is known as a Trojan, or Trojan Horse, malware that slips into smartphones or computers, posing as an installed application. Of course, you tell yourself that the process is big enough not to be fooled, and well think again.

Imagine that you want to install an application on your phone, and there you come across the same application, with the same logo and the same descriptions. A minute of inattention, and you realize that the software you have installed is not the right one, and that a virus seems to have taken hold of your smartphone.

FluBot works in the same way, so you have to protect yourself well because this virus specializes in the detection and theft of bank data.

This banking virus uses the Smishing method to achieve its ends. A classic scam method, but works terribly well.

FluBot sends you an SMS, claiming that a package has been sent to you and that you absolutely must click on the link in the said message in order to unblock the situation. And hop ! In an instant, an application called “Voicemails” is installed on your phone, and believe me, FluBot is very smart and hangs on until the end so that you do not delete it.

FluBot extracts your bank details as well as the numbers of your contacts in order to make them suffer the same fate. So if you fall for the trap and notice it right away, it might not be the case for an older person in your contacts.

The cybersecurity company BitDefender has communicated the fact that FluBot locks down your possibilities of uninstalling the application as much as possible and remains extremely discreet, in the background on your smartphone.

As you will have understood, the best way to protect yourself from this is to pay attention to the links on which you click.

BitDefender also warns about the spread of the virus which could be brought under control in a while, but you never know, could come back in another form by the end of 2022.

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