Anne-Sophie Lapix

Anne-Sophie Lapix (JT 20H): thunderclap the presenter, France 2 reveals a tragedy

Anne-Sophie Lapix, a popular journalist

Rarely has the name of a journalist been cited so much during the presidential campaign. And yet, Anne-Sophie Lapix did not participate in the famous debate between two rounds. For a very simple reason: Emmanuel Macron just like Marine Le Pen do not want her. Internet users are thousands to be indignant, journalists dozens to support it. Is she too incisive for this type of exercise? Many politicians do not have very good memories of interviews with her.

Because Anne-Sophie Lapix asks questions that annoy, she confronts personalities with their inconsistencies, with their poor management of a given situation. She attacks the President as much as the candidates. Some end up losing patience.

We remember, in C à vous, by Florian Philippot telling the journalist that she is sorely lacking in elegance and that she welcomes him with contempt, when she was content to ask simple questions. And as a misogynistic remark is obviously never too much, he says live on television that he doubts that the journalist is doing her own files. But count on Anne-Sophie Lapix not to let it go and denounce the sexist reasoning of the one who was then the right arm of Marine Le Pen.

Marine Le Pen and calculation problems

Speaking of the president of the National Rally, it is impossible not to mention this now cult lesson in mathematics. We are in 2012. Marine Le Pen follows in her father’s footsteps and ventures into a presidential campaign for the first time. She is then invited in Canal + Sunday +. Anne-Sophie Lapix, head of the show, questions the Front National candidate about her economic program. Marine Le Pen launches into explanations that are too vague for the journalist, who cuts her off several times to ask for more clarity, more details. The daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen gets annoyed, so much so that Anne-Sophie Lapix asks her not to get upset.

A funny situation occurs a few moments later. Marine Le Pen explains that she wants to increase all low salaries by 200 euros. A proposal which concerns millions of French people for an exorbitant cost given by Anne Sophie Lapix: 20 billion euros, per year. Marine Le Pen does not agree, so the journalist launches live into a simple calculation, ironically telling the candidate that she seems to have a problem adding up. Since then, Marine Le Pen seems to avoid as much as possible to come face to face with Anne-Sophie Lapix.

Audiences at half mast for Anne-Sophie Lapix

Anne-Sophie Lapix’s popularity rating is at its highest. But the audiences of his newspaper are at their lowest. On May 24, she tackled strong subjects in her diary: the war in Ukraine, purchasing power, the scandal concerning the founder of Assu 2000… Headlines that should, in theory, attract attention. However, only 3.87 million people made an appointment. It’s one point less than the previous week and it’s also… the worst score since the start of the season. What to wonder if the journalist is in the hot seat.

According to information from Here, the journalist would indeed be on an ejection seat. A twist of fate, the name of his possible replacement came out. It would be… Léa Salamé, the journalist who moderated the debate between the two rounds. It would be a real blow for Anne-Sophie Lapix since she has already had a hard time being ousted for the debate. Seeing the one who is dubbed by Emmanuel Macron take his place would therefore, without a doubt, be hard to swallow.

But for the moment, it is she who continues to animate the newspaper and work tirelessly to excite viewers with current topics. However, this proves that notoriety and audiences are two elements that cannot always be associated. It is hoped for her that the figures will be deemed sufficiently satisfactory for her to be able to keep her place.

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