An 8-year-old girl, she goes to see her little sister sleeping in her crib, she makes a traumatic discovery…

It’s a nightmare for the small family in the UK. Eight-year-old Jemima Muswere-Enagbonma went to see her beloved little sister in her crib. This is where she discovers something that will mark her forever. Little Jessamy, a four-month-old baby, was not breathing. Panicked to see her sister with blood on her nostrils, she calls for help. Very quickly, the baby is transferred to the hospital. Alas, the baby was no longer in this world. That evening, the family had just lost little Jessamy.

Nobody expected it

A few months later, the little girl’s parents talk about the tragedy that happened that night. According to Charles, Jemima’s father, they received guests that evening. He didn’t want to leave the baby upstairs for fear of not hearing her cry. With the visitors present, the father decided he had better keep the baby downstairs with them in the other room.

“I put her in the downstairs office, on a completely flat bed and on her stomach,” he says.

The mom also explained the relationship that Jessamy and Jemima had. She said that the older ones liked her very much and Jemima was considered her second mother. They were inseparable. This little girl, who was so close to Jessamy, couldn’t bear to be away from her little sister. She wanted to see if the latter was well, the drama happened. According to the mother of the family, she found little Jessamy lifeless.

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It was a big shock for the little one as much as for the parents. The mother who faced the loss of her youngest daughter couldn’t believe it.

“She was very healthy and growing very well,” she said.

In June 2021, an investigation was opened. This made it known that Jessamy had died of brain damage. While sleeping on her stomach, the baby suffered a cardiac arrest which led to her death. If this family is still trying to get over it, Pauline has found a way to live well with her grief. Today, the mother works from home, in the room where their baby breathed his last.

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A painful reconstruction for the family

As the mother was talking about the incident, it was clear that Jemima was very attached to the last daughter of the Muswere-Enagbonma.

“Jemima was a typical big sister and she adored Jessamy; it was all the more heartbreaking as it was his second sister after four brothers, ”she confided.

Unfortunately, Jemima will have to go on with her life without her beloved little sister. The girl’s parents are doing their best to support her. As a tribute to their baby, they launched Jessamy Solutions and Jessamy Platinum Homecare. Two companies that aim to provide nursing care at home and develop the workforce of caregivers in the North West of England.

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The mother says she would like her and the other children to remember and cherish the memories little Jessamy left during the wonderful four months spent with her.

“We want our businesses to last for her (Jessamy, editor’s note), and for our other children. We hope to pass them on to them when they are older. And more than anything, we want to make sure that Jessamy’s name and memory will never be forgotten,” explains Pauline.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

This type of case accounts for 33% to 55% of mortality among babies under 12 months. The exact cause of the unexpected death of a healthy baby has not yet been clarified. This happens more frequently in their sleep.

Hypotheses state that it may be due to a brain problem related to the fact that the baby could have difficulty breathing when sleeping. To prevent this kind of incident, it is best to always put the baby on his back, have him sleep on a flat mattress without using a pillow or stuffed animals. You have to think about adjusting the temperature of the room where the baby sleeps. It is also advisable not to smoke while breastfeeding the baby to protect it. Never let him sleep alone without supervision.

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