The incredible return of Kate Bush at the top of the Top iTunes thanks to season 4 of “Stranger Things” on Netflix

The incredible return of Kate Bush at the top of the Top iTunes thanks to season 4 of “Stranger Things” on Netflix

The success of “Stranger Things” does not weaken. The announced final season of the Netflix star show continues to excite fans around the world. This flashback to the 1980s, a festival of retro outfits, hairstyles, and cultural references, particularly delighted the new generations. Music, of course, has played a huge role in the series since its debut. In this season 4 even more. (Spoiler alert). In “Stranger Things 4” the music plays an important role in the fight against a new evil from the alternate universe that characterizes the series. Named “Vecna”, this new villain attacks people who have suffered some type of trauma; it seeps into their minds, haunts and penetrates them, then brutally kills them. But one of the ways to save his victims is to play them songs they like to save them.

In this context, and without giving more details so as not to frustrate fans, Kate Bush’s 1985 single “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)”, which dates from 1985, appears from the first episode of the series become cult. The track relates to the story of Max, one of the main characters, played by Sadie Sink.

The expectation aroused by the new season had an astonishing collateral effect, Kate Bush’s single is quite simply currently number 1 in the iTunes rankings worldwide. “Running Up That Hill” was the lead single from the “Babooshka” singer’s “Hounds of Love” album, which would become his biggest hit. The track was originally titled “A Deal With God” but was changed by his label for fear that it would be censored in countries deemed more religious like Italy, France and Australia. ‘era.

Kate Bush “fan of the series”

It’s not the first time that Stranger Things has helped bring a song to life, following Limahl’s use of the theme song from the hit fantasy film “The Neverending Story” in Season 3. YouTube had revealed at the time that searches for the clip increased by 800% soon after the new episodes aired.

On the side of the production of the series, it was confirmed that this choice was not made at random. “There was a lot of brainstorming because this selection of songs really needed to be something unique and special, part of the story,” explained Nora Felder, who oversees the musical choices for the series, at “As I went through the different ideas to pitch, as it’s part of the process, I remember being instantly excited, the song ‘Running Up That Hill’ came to mind,” adds the artistic director. .

“It’s such an uplifting, soul-focused song that felt like something Max -[the character on the show]could really relate to,” she added. “We were all delighted that Kate Bush is a fan of the series and that she authorized the use of the song” also told the musical producer. No doubt that with this unexpected success, Kate Bush is also delighted.

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