the details of ING before the possible transfer of your money to Boursorama

the details of ING before the possible transfer of your money to Boursorama

ING’s individual customers are invited to leave online banking and go to Boursorama. Current account, savings accounts, life insurance, PEA… Here is what will happen.

ING draws a line under its adventure in France. The retail bank will gradually close the accounts of its individual customers by the end of the year, with the exception of real estate and personal loans which remain insured by ING until their term. In a letter sent to its customers in mid-May, the Dutch online bank said more about the practical consequences of this departure. For them, it negotiated a partnership agreement with Boursorama with a bonus of up to 320 euros to encourage them to open a current account as well as savings and stock market products.

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What will happen to your ING current account?

If you wish, you can open a new current account at Boursorama Banque via a simplified route accessible from your ING customer space, explains the letter addressed to customers of the orange bank. Then, it will be possible to subscribe to the banking mobility service to facilitate the transfer of permanent transfers and direct debits, close the ING account and transfer the balance to the new Boursorama account. In any case, the ING account will be closed by the end of 2022.

What procedure to follow for savings books?

If you have a A bookletan LDDS or a Orange savings account, these savings accounts will be closed after opening a Boursorama current account. The balance will then be transferred to your ING current account or to your new Boursorama account if you do not have an ING current account. It will be possible to open a new Livret A and LDDS accounts as soon as those at ING are closed. In any case, savings accounts opened at ING will be closed at the end of 2022.

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Securities account and PEA, what procedure?

After having opened a current account with Boursorama, each ING customer may also open a securities account and/or an equity savings plan (PEA) with Boursorama. You can then request the transfer of your securities to these new accounts very easily from the Boursorama Banque customer area. This transfer will be free of charge and will lead to the closure of your ING accounts. The securities registered in the portfolios of securities accounts and transferred PEAs will retain their unit cost price. The opening date and the tax advantages of the PEA will be retained, specifies ING.

ING Direct Life life insurance, what’s going on?

The contract management will be transferred automatically to Boursorama at the beginning of July, without any action on the part of the client. The transfer date will be notified to him in advance. The characteristics of your contract, in particular the investments made, the tax anteriority and the designated beneficiaries, will remain unchanged, specifies ING.

Boursorama will send each customer the identifiers before the transfer date to allow them to connect to their new customer space. It is from the latter that it will then be possible to consult the contract and carry out the various operations (investments, arbitration, etc.). Note that the ING customer area will then no longer be accessible.

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