The 3 reasons why the LUNA v2 is in danger of disappearing

The past few weeks have been rather hectic with the collapse of the Terra (LUNA) ecosystem. But like a Phoenix reborn From its ashes, a brand new blockchain, Terra 2.0, is now operational. A worrying crypto event investors because thefuture of Terra 2.0 and its corner the LUNA v2 remain bleak.

Airdrops: The Sword of Damocles above the LUNA v2

The first element that can make you think is that relating to the distribution of the LUNA airdrop. Currently it is approx. 30% of LUNA v2 from “small investors” which have been unlocked. The biggest investors (whales) will have to wait 1 year before having their first airdrop.

It is possible to see all of this information with the following table.

Thus, we can observe that some of the tokens have been unlocked but that the hardest part is yet to come. In 6 months will start a new LUNA v2 airdrop cycle, which will potentially lead to further declines. This will then be followed by a final period for investors with significantly more assets in their possession. Powerful downside pressure ahead for these many upcoming airdrops.

Shattered confidence and exhausted investors

With the collapse of the Terra ecosystem, many investors have lost colossal sums. Some have lost part or all of their savings in a system they believed in.

Then next comes the aidrop that many thought they were going to recover part of their initial investment. The hope was short-lived since finally, the amounts were much lower than they thought. Some users with budgets of $3000 received the equivalent of $10 in LUNA v2. A total disillusionment for the vast majority of crypto speculators and a lost trust.

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Charts that incorporate the old LUNA course in this second version

As if the knife wasn’t stuck deep enough, crypto exchanges like Binance have integrated the LUNA v2 course into the old LUNA. As a result of these misunderstandings, many users probably purchased LUNA hoping for a $100 return. A great period of misunderstanding for many who conveys a very bad image.

Between manipulation to deceive users or just a technical error, opinions are divided. Nevertheless, all these reasons announce one thing, the future of this new blockchain called Terra 2.0 seems rather uncertain. As an investor or speculator, do not hesitate to take a certain height and measure your risk with this time bomb.

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