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Do you want to develop your career in digital marketing in 2022? LinkedIn has shared new insights into the most in-demand digital marketing skills…

Digital marketing: the incredible transformation of the job market

For many people, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed both where and how we work. The adoption of digital collaborative tools has become widespread. As some sectors of the economy slowed at the onset of Covid, many business owners got creative and started their own businesses.

Two of the most in-demand jobs, both now and in the future, are project managers, ranked 5th by LinkedIn’s global job postings data in the third quarter of 2021. Digital marketers pass just behind, in 6th position.

A study published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) showed that by 2030, there is a global need for 25 million new project managers who organize, plan and oversee the execution of a project. In other words, 2.3 million new project managers will be needed every year, just to meet the high demand.

Also, as the pandemic has driven more people to shop and work online, the demand for marketing professionals familiar with the latest digital technologies has further intensified. According to LinkedIn, two of the four most in-demand jobs in marketing include Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing Manager.

In this context, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for building professional relationships and attract a large number of recruiters. Hiring managers across all industries use LinkedIn to source new talent, including digital marketers.

If you want to grow your brand and your digital marketing skills, a strong presence on LinkedIn is a must. When used correctly, this social network can be a source of new opportunities for professionals looking for new roles.

Based on this information, its job offers and its activity, LinkedIn claims that half of the top 10 jobs posted on the social network are in the digital or media space.

LinkedIn explained on its blog:

“While the pandemic has accelerated our industry’s transition to all-virtual, it has also accelerated the demand for marketers in digital roles. Digital marketers are the most in-demand, while the media coordinator role is growing the fastest. »

LinkedIn reports that while “digital marketing” as a term is in high demand, many elements are often overlooked.

“While many marketers present themselves as digital marketers, recruiters are currently struggling to find marketers with skills in digital strategy, Omniture, link building, search advertising and off-page SEO. »

It is therefore useful to improve in more specific areas, or to highlight them better in your profile. This will increase the chances of meeting specific market demand for expertise.

For this, LinkedIn suggests tapping into various LinkedIn Learning courses to hone and develop your skills.

“On LinkedIn Learning, you’ll find a library of courses designed to advance your digital marketing skills. Digital marketing courses such as “SEO Foundations” and “Digital Marketing Trends” are some of the most popular LinkedIn Learning courses for marketers.

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