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Married at first sight: Emilie and Frédérick divorce, she balances the real reasons to internet users

Married at first sight: a reality TV show that allows viewers to follow the marriages of candidates live. In this sixth season, the war continues between Frédérick and Émilie. On social networks, the young woman made revelations regarding the recent divorce and makes heavy accusations about her ex-husband.

Frédérick and Émilie of Married at first sight file for divorce after a final argument

For several weeks, another couple has been beating garlic. It is indeed Frédérick and Émilie. Between them, the story seemed to have started rather well. The young bride had even made a request to adopt her daughter. The latter, named Lina, is eight months old. During the filming of Married at First Sight, things got worse. We can see it in the issue of this Monday, May 30, 2022.

A violent argument broke out between the two newlyweds during this episode of Married at First Sight. Frédérick criticizes his wife Émilie for being too busy to call him. Note that more than 800 km separate the two lovebirds. The expert and psychologist Estelle Dossin was pushed to receive them for a therapy session.

The real reasons for their separation revealed by Émilie

Frédérick is indeed a bit resentful who reproached his wife for very harsh words. He made threats of petition for divorce. After their time in the Parisian office of the expert, Frédérick and Émilie had decided to give themselves a second chance. A few days later, unfortunately, the arguments resurfaced. It was at the end of the program that the viewers of Married at first sight learned with sadness of the separation of the couple.

After the broadcast of the episode of Married at first sight, this Monday, May 30, 2022, Émilie decided to come out of her silence. The latter made a video on Instagram claiming that she is divorcee of Frederick. It was very hard for her to keep this secret. She also promised to do a live, the next day, to explain the reasons for their separation.

The production of Married at first sight reserves a fine for the candidates in the event of treason

Viewers have been able to follow the new season of Married at First Sight for several weeks. The production ensures that the candidates don’t spoil the episodes. This new season is a big success and does not lack twists. While fans are looking for the slightest clue about the couples, the production is on the alert. In fact, the contestants have signed a confidentiality clause and must not spoil the season.

There is a big fine in case of spoilers! Frédérick and Emilie, Bruno and Alicia, the fans of Married at first sight scrutinize their photos as well as their videos on the networks to find out if they are still married. If the candidates leave a small clue, there is nothing concrete about the true state of their relationship. And for good reason, the candidates risk a fine of 10,000 euros if they betray the production.

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