Koh-Lanta: Nicolas eliminated, Jean-Charles settles his accounts and announces sad news

Koh-Lanta: Nicolas eliminated, Jean-Charles settles his accounts and announces sad news

After the departure of Fouzi, who came last in an eliminatory round against Olga and Jean-Charles, there are only seven left in the running in Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem. But during the fourteenth episode broadcast this Tuesday, May 31, 2022, another adventurer was eliminated. Summary of this evening presented by Denis Brogniart and during which Bastien, Ambre, François, Nicolas, Olga, Géraldine and Jean-Charles compete in an immunity test before going to the council.

Olga and Jean-Charles remain in the adventure. As the host had indicated last week, they find themselves on an island with a chest. On the spot, the duo has the right to take 7 of the treasures contained in this chest. Inside, they find the letters of each adventurer, much-awaited foodstuffs such as chocolate, but also strategic advantages. The fustier wants to take the advantages first, Olga agrees. They also choose rice, pasta, cookies, dried fruit and Olga’s letter. Together, they decide not to say anything about the letters. The perks contain a hint to find an immunity collar as well as an extra vote for the next tip.

On the camp, Bastien makes a makeshift musical instrument. He then enjoys playing the pan flute. Olga and Jean-Charles return. This is an opportunity for the adventurer to settle accounts with Amber. The latter denies being in alliance with the ex-greens Nicolas and François. But his explanations are not convincing.

In the evening, they eat pasta and cookies. And after a night, in the early morning, Jean-Charles goes to get the immunity collar before his comrades wake up. He succeeds ! For breakfast, it’s dried fruit for everyone and reading mail for Olga. It is her husband and friends who send her comforting words. Inevitably, the dancer burst into tears. For her part, Amber does not digest Jean-Charles’ reproaches of the day before, she even reveals that she has not slept all night.

Immunity test

All find themselves facing Denis Brogniart for a test. It is the mythical game of balancing on water where adventurers must go through several stages. Remember that Bastien already has an immunity amulet won during last week’s comfort game.

Over the stages, Jean-Charles, Ambre, Géraldine, Nicolas then François are eliminated. The grand final, which is played over the entire course, pits Olga against Bastien. Victory is finally for Olga.

Now make way for pre-advisory strategies. Jean-Charles has a necklace but only Olga knows it, Bastien has an amulet and doesn’t want to give it up. Nicolas fears being targeted and wants to put his two votes against Géraldine while the rest of the tribe plans to vote against Jean-Charles.


Before the counting, everyone takes the floor. Denis Brogniart asks Jean-Charles for whom he is living this adventure. “I wanted to live it with my mother. And shortly before Koh Lanta doesn’t start, she died. For once it is quite special. Losing your mother is the worst, it’s an immense pain regardless of age“, he confides, revealing that not being able to share this game with her is his”greatest drama“.

Nobody wants to leave so close, but it’s time to vote. Remember that Nicolas (who inherited the black vote from Maxime and Louana) and Olga vote twice. Before the count, Jean-Charles takes out his immunity collar. Ballots in the name of Jean-Charles are not counted. Géraldine has three voices to her name, Nicolas has four and is therefore eliminated. He yields his black vote to François.

Audience sidethis new number of Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem brought together, in the first part of the evening, 3.57 million viewers, or 17.4% of the public aged 4 and over. The market share climbs to 30.9% for female purchasing managers under 50 (FRDA-50). The second part of the evening was followed by 3.29 million faithful, or 19.8% of the public and 33.6% of the FRDA-50.

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