Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial: verdict today?  These elements that could make Johnny Depp win

Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial: verdict today? These elements that could make Johnny Depp win

Jury deliberations in the trial between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-girlfriend, actress Amber Heard, will resume this Wednesday morning. The more than 9 hours of discussion have not, for the moment, resulted in a unanimous decision.

The jury of lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard parted ways on Tuesday without reaching a unanimous decision on whether the actor was defamed by his estranged wife, who claimed she suffered domestic abuse during their marriage.

The seven jurors including five men and two women began to deliberate on Friday, at the conclusion of six weeks of proceedings before the court in Fairfax, a small town in Virginia near Washington.

But more than 9 hours of discussion did not no decision yet and they will resume their deliberations this Wednesday morning.

But as the Belgian site reminds us 7out7the whole issue of the trial lies around the column published in 2018 in the washington post by Amber Heard in which she claims to have been the victim of domestic violence. Although she does not quote Johnny Depp at any time in the article, he is convinced that he is the subject of these accusations. Slanders responsible for the collapse of the actor’s career. He is therefore claiming $50 million in damages.

What questions should the jury answer?

Jurors must speak on seven questions regarding the statements, published in Amber Heard’s op-ed, which are as follows:

1. Were they published by Amber Heard?

2. Was the panel about Johnny Depp?

3. Have people other than Johnny Depp been able to read this column?

4. Were his statements false?

5. Were the allegations defamatory, did they cause harm to Johnny Depp (loss of job, damage to his public image)?

6. Were they deliberately defamatory?

7. Did Amber Heard post these allegations knowing they were false, with the intent to cause harm?

Johnny Depp wins the case if…

Four questions are decisive about the outcome of the trial. These are questions n°2/4/6 and 7. If the jury decides to answer unanimously “yes” to these questions, then Johnyy Depp wins the case. Otherwise, the outcome could be quite different.

If the jurors find Amber Heard guilty, the actress will have to pay 50 million dollars to her ex-companion as damages. It may also pay him only part of this sum if the jury has not answered “yes” to all the decisive questions. On the other hand, if Amber Heard wins, she will have to pay nothing to Johnny Depp and can especially prolong the case by suing the latter for defamation. She claims 100 million dollars from Johnny Depp.

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