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Intermarché: drama for the brand, this product is urgently recalled in stores!

Until now, the product recall is still relevant. Indeed, there is a new scandal that has just been published by the Ministry of Health concerning a product to be avoided urgently. This product is distributed by the renowned supermarket, Intermarché. Moreover, this is not the first time that this brand has given its consumers nightmares. This is why we are going to announce the product concerned in this article.

Product recall from the Intermarché retail chain

As said, this is not the first time a product recall has surfaced. Especially, for this large retailer. However, she attracts a lot of customers to her store. But this time, you have to be careful before choosing the product you want to buy. Note that Intermarché does not ensure the production of this product but it takes part in its distribution.

That said, it is quite possible to return the product concerned to be reimbursed. Thus, it is strictly forbidden to consume it if you have purchased it. Be aware that the Ministry of Health has made this product recall to protect all French people since the consumption of this product turns out to be harmful for health. So, check all your shopping carefully and get a refund or destroy it before putting it in the trash.

The product is appreciated in the meal

This product recall may displease several Intermarché customers. Besides, the supermarket could lose some of them because of this announcement. Know that this product is very sold in France because it is delicious. But also because it is a source of culinary creation. Suddenly, the French must find other similar products if they want to enjoy the same taste at mealtimes. However, this product is incomparable. This is why some consumers are living a nightmare.

Apart from this product, there have been other product recalls that have parade over time within Intermarché. One wonders if the sign will survive this series of bad news. Moreover, if this continues, the sign can say goodbye forever to their regulars. In any case, we hope that the situation will improve in the days or weeks to come so that the supermarket can catch up.

Voice the affected product recall

It’s time to make you aware of the affected product. The product recall published by the Ministry of Health concerns Emmental Supreme Puffs de Savoie IGP from the Saint Jean brand. So, be careful when you put products in your shopping cart. Indeed, it has been mentioned that this product contains Listeria monocytogenes (pathogens). The latter are responsible for the appearance of listeriosis.

The ministry said that the presence of this pathogen in the body can cause fever isolated or accompanied by headaches and body aches. In pregnant women, it can cause serious forms such as neurological complications or even maternal or fetal damage. However, follow this product recall carefully since the listeriosis can be dangerousespecially for fragile people (elderly or pregnant).

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