Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine

Huge disputes in the middle of the street for Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and her husband… “He is fed up because…”

A true fairy tale certainly does not exist. However, the most important thing is to know how to ignore the little worries and misunderstandings. On this point, how many therapists have been able to write books on the subject? But sometimes, even the greatest specialists cannot decide. Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine and her husband remain an ordinary couple, and the host confides in their little bickering in public!

When Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine can’t shut up!

The France 5 television host has been married for 10 years now. After years of relationship, habits settle. Following which, the husband of Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine notes some behaviors that he no longer support from his wife. But that’s not all, it seems that the journalist doesn’t know when to shut up… Moreover, she is not afraid to attract the attention of the public, even when the moment is badly chosen!

Yes, she confides that if she bickers in the streets with her husband, she ignore the opinions of others. When she does, the host of C à vous does not say to herself “you have to shut up because someone could hear you”. Obviously, Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine is not the type to meddle in the affairs of others, and she hopes that those around her will do the same. A good or a bad idea? It’s not for us to judge!

The journalist does not change after 10 years of marriage

Since entering behind the scenes of France 5, Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine has had many journeys. But despite his super promotion within the chain, the wife of Philippe Coelho is remained the same. She doesn’t change anything about her way of life… she still lives in the same apartment. She still leads the same lifestyle. But in addition, people feel closer to her. Indeed, some of these neighbors even call her by a small name: “Babeth”.

But that’s not all, the mother of Arthur and Vasco proudly affirms that she has no intention of changing this simple and peaceful life that she leads. It must be said that she has also kept the best of herself after all the way she has been able to do. In this regard, Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine confides that she is remained the studious student that her colleagues knew of her. And for the preparation of her show, she still does it the same way as more than 15 years ago.

This habit of Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine that her husband deplores

Anne-Elizabeth Lemoine remembers a lesson in life that her professors at the faculty were asking for. “A book is read with a pencil in hand”, and she admits that at her age, she still does it. And yet, this habit of the journalist annoys a bit her husband… especially when television is at stake. Indeed, even in front of a television set, old habits follow the pretty blonde!

On this subject, she reports: “at home, when we watch a documentary with my husband, he is fed up because I press pause all the time…” Indeed, the fifty-year-old says that this habit of taking notes has gone so viral for her that she can’t stop doing it. And that, even in front of a documentary! Yes, what do you want, we do not redo!

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