End of the health questionnaire, termination at any time: what changes with borrower insurance - Economy

End of the health questionnaire, termination at any time: what changes with borrower insurance – Economy

  • 1 Changing borrower insurance will be possible at any time

  • Over the years, the barriers to changing home loan insurance have broken down. First restricted to the first year of loan (Hamon law), then to its anniversary date (Bourquin amendment), this possibility is, since this Wednesday, offered at any time, thanks to the Lemoine law adopted last February. Initially reserved for new files, it will be extended to all current loans, from September 1.

  • 2 No more health questionnaire in many cases

  • Another revolution in the world of borrower insurance, the virtual end of the health questionnaire. It must be completed to specify any type of pathology. With, if necessary, additional premiums to be paid, exclusions of guarantee and even loan refusals. It will no longer be requested for a loan of less than 200,000 euros per person (and therefore 400,000 euros for a couple) and provided that the repayment is effective before the borrower turns 60. This measure is applicable from this Wednesday to new loans, then to those in progress, on September 1.

  • 3 Right to be forgotten reduced to five years for cancer

  • People affected by cancer or hepatitis C have, since Wednesday, a right to be forgotten reduced to five years against ten previously (people under 21 already benefited). After this period after the end of treatment, and without relapse, they will no longer be obliged to report it if they are subject to the health questionnaire. An opening that will be extended to other chronic diseases, such as diabetes.

  • 4 The consequence: an expected increase in tariffs “of 15%”

  • “The abolition of the health questionnaire is a very good thing on paper but in fact, it is not for everyone”, nuance Maël Bernier, spokesperson for the online broker Meilleurtaux. “This questionnaire makes it possible to price a risk and produce a more or less expensive insurance contract. Without, we will have to pool the risk on all the contracts, ”she continues. A 30-year-old in very good health should therefore suffer a price increase. Of how much ? The new fee schedules of insurers show increases of 15%, according to Maël Bernier, or a few euros more per month.

  • 5 Between 10,000 and 15,000 euros in savings by changing insurance

  • Changing borrower insurance in the first years of your loan should remain a good plan. “The rates offered by alternative insurers are up to three times lower than those of the group contracts of the banks”, notes the spokesperson for Meilleurtaux. Why such a difference ? The banks explain it by the cost of risk pooling… while observers of the banking world point to their considerable margins.

    According to the brokers, one could thus save between 10,000 and 15,000 euros for a loan of 200,000 euros over 20 years. Not negligible in a context of rising loan rates, inflation and declining purchasing power…

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