Eliminated from Koh-Lanta, Nicolas responds to criticism from adventurers and reveals the reason that led him to be a "double agent"

Eliminated from Koh-Lanta, Nicolas responds to criticism from adventurers and reveals the reason that led him to be a “double agent”

While the final of Koh-Lanta, the cursed Totem reaches out to the ultimate adventurers of the season, it’s Nicholas, the former Yellow candidate who was eliminated during the council. The sympathetic manager of a sports shop in the Gard has indeed paid the price for the strategy of Jean-Charles and Olga, the real masters of the game in this episode (and in possession of a double vote!). Skilled Strategist”double agent” by many of his comrades, Nicolas talks about his career during an interview granted to Tele-Leisure.

“I’m sorry to have disappointed some adventurers”

Télé-Loisirs: While Olga and Jean Charles are the masters of the game, and that the latter is angry with Amber for having put him in danger last week, it is however you who leave at the end of the council. Surprised ?

Nicholas: Not really because at this stage of the adventure there are only seven of us left. So we expect to go out at any time and we always try to keep that in mind, so as not to give ourselves false joy. I am just a little because I had estimated, according to my calculations, to receive three votes, even to obtain a tie. In the end, there are four ballots against me because of their double-voting. That’s what surprises me, much more than the choice of Jean-Charles. At the beginning of the adventure, he was in the team of the Violets then the Reds, just like Ambre. I was Green then Yellow… The only two he knew the least well were Olga and me. But she left with him to set up their strategy. So his choice makes sense.

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Anne Sophie, Hake, Olga… Many adventurers have told us of their disappointment with your role “double agent“. What do you answer them?

It’s quite simple. I was Green at the start of the game and that’s when I made the most connections. Whether with Pauline, Ambre, François… But after nine days, I was the only ex-Green to find myself with the Yellows. I was squeezed between five old purples and four old blues. So between people who already knew each other! I squeezed my ass so as not to be eliminated while particularly enjoying people like Setha or Bastien. I made my way and at reunification, where we go under a white banner, everyone goes back to where they have the most affinities, quite simply. And then yes, there was also a bit of strategy to be able to advance in the game. I’m sorry that they are disappointed. That’s life and it’s just a game. When you’re eliminated from Koh Lanta, as I have just been, you missed something. When they were eliminated, I wasn’t the only one to vote against them… and I didn’t bring ten votes against them to each council either! Anne-Sophie is “disappointed“, that’s all well and good, but I didn’t vote against her, for example. When Yannick left, the same! It’s not ‘Nicolas’ fault’ every time.

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“There is no animosity between us”

Have you spoken to them since filming?

The last time we saw each other, there was no problem. After, in Koh Lanta like in life, there are people you like and others you don’t. But there is no animosity, it’s all a game, you have to put things in perspective and take a step back. There will only be one left at the end…

Do reviews on social media affect you?

I don’t watch them. On the one hand, people will find me funny and nice. For others I am the huge strategist of the season. Loved, hated… You can’t please everyone. I have some perspective on the thing and then criticism is often easier behind a screen. I don’t have a problem with that.

Do you find yourself in the image and in the editing of the show?

I’ve always been the nice, fun guy who set the mood at camp. Afterwards, this strategist side was shown above all because I was the Yellow who spoke with others. But at reunification, if I am entrusted with things from both sides, I go where it was most interesting to move forward as well as possible and with the people I appreciate the most.. Koh Lanta is also a human adventure.

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“My thigh hurt extremely badly”

Among the last six adventurers, which one has all the cards in hand to win in your opinion?

From day one, I’ve made a huge friendship with Francis. At one episode of the orientation, I even give him a boost by offering him my black vote when leaving the adventure. He has his fate in his hands for the moment. And then I also love Bastien. Even Jean-Charles, despite his strategy, I don’t blame him at all. In fact I appreciate them all and I wish them to go as far as possible.

When you almost lost your arm a few years ago, Koh Lanta was for you a life goal, a challenge and a driving force. Has the objective been achieved?

I have always wanted to participate in Koh Lanta. There are thousands of us who want it and the selection is tough… If I had been told that I would even achieve reunification, I would have signed on the first day! There were 24 of us this season, not to mention the very difficult climate. So yes, it’s a successful adventure even if I would have liked to go further. I have no regrets except on the sporting level, my number 1 asset however. I couldn’t really express myself because of a thigh that was hurting me extremely. Maybe that’s what pushed me to go on a more strategic level because I knew that physically, I couldn’t compete in the events.

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How long did it take you to regain your fitness?

Weeks and even months! In addition I left in the last, after 34 days of adventure. For athletic people, it’s complicated to recover and get back in shape. We have to go crescendo in terms of cardio, muscle mass. The tensions are weakened, so you have to be careful and take your time not to hurt yourself. It is a very difficult adventure.

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