Gad Elmaleh

Alcoholic Gad Elmaleh: He reveals everything and reveals behind the scenes of an infernal spiral…

An addiction tackled on stage

With his honest and sincere speech, Gad Elmaleh wants to change the idea that people have of alcoholism. He wants to remind you that you can be very alcoholic without showing it, without being a caricature as you can see in the series or the movies. Most of the time, the comedian drinks without it being seen from an outside point of view. But he knows it, and he says it to our colleagues from the JDD: “ it was too much“.

On stage, I describe myself as ‘an asymptomatic alcoholic’. Some might say ‘worldly’. The alcoholic is not always a guy who rolls on the ground and bleeds from the nose. He is also a classy guy who goes on glasses of champagne while laughing. Me, I drank at all times. I was happy, I was drinking; I was unhappy, I was drinking; I put on a good show, I drank; a bad show, I was drinking “.

The French actor manages to quit alcohol, but also cigarettes. Better still, he goes on spiritual retreats all over the world, in secluded abbeys. He laughs about what will be the next stage of his life change: “ I purify at all levels: in my professional and personal life… The next step is sexual abstinence. Nah, I’m joking ! ».

Difficult months for the comedian

If he has been successful for years, Gad Elmaleh has also had very difficult months. In an interview for Le Parisien, he agreed to do a truthful interview. Inevitably, the journalist does not beat around the bush quickly and talks to him about this moment when he made the headlines because of a video: the one where a montage tells us that he copied several jokes from American comedians.

Enough to plunge Gad Elmaleh back into the state he was in then: “ It was very violent, excessive and disproportionate compared to what is real, that is to say the inspirations that I claim. There was a background of aggressiveness, a desire to harm… Nobody wants to be shown in the press as someone who has stolen. I of course shut down at that point, my first reaction was, I don’t know if I was right or not, wanting to know where it came from. If you take a slap in the face in the crowd, you don’t immediately say to yourself “that’s life”, but rather “who’s the asshole who »…

Enough to allow Gad Elmaleh to talk about this alleged plagiarism and to say clearly what he criticizes the person who did the editing and who posted it as such: “ There are a lot of false, exaggerated, incriminating things in these videos, and some of the truth. I regret that the journalists did not decipher them. “Daily” did it, pointing out what wasn’t possible or what I had done before… There were two poor things left that I claim. I took it badly and I got angry (…) Here, when the stand-up arrived, with my generation, we were inspired by the Americans… »

Gad Elmaleh proud of his multiple identities

The comedian came back stronger. He admits it, for a few months, it was not easy. The phone rings less, he realizes who his real friends are in the industry, those who support him. He comes back stronger, with a new show that he decides to call D’ailleurs. On the Daily set, he explains why he chose this name:

In the columns of the Petit Journal, on the occasion of an exclusive interview, Gad Elmaleh takes stock of his life and legitimizes the choice of the title. ” I am an immigrant, an expatriate. I have always been since I was born and raised in Morocco. I immigrated to Quebec, more precisely to Montreal. I was then Moroccan student in Canada. And then, I came to France and strangely, the French took me for a Quebecer. They found it more original that I came from Canada rather than Morocco. Then I moved to the United States. Over there, I was the Frenchman. It amused me. I like these multiple identities“.

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